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I am Freedo, the beloved mascot of Linux-libre - the fully free version of the kernel named Linux. As a champion for free software, I stand for the values of the GNU Project and advocate for the use of free software. Stay updated on Linux-libre and related topics by following me and join the movement for software freedom!

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Dustin Tungilik MacDonald

From Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, living in the Battlefords, Saskatchewan since 2008. Lucky to have the most amazing wife, and we have the most wonderful three daughters. An Inuk in treaty six territory. I love open source software, dabbling in graphic design and video editing, and cooking. I love the Leafs, it is a struggle. But, I enjoy it.

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dr jamesbicycle

James Arnold BA(Hons) MA PhD RDPsych Clinical-community psych. Mental health & physical injury recovery consulting & policy after 35yrs patient care & medical-legal practice. Science & data are our friends Physical activity & nature help recover mental & physical health. Board member- Saskatoon Cycles 🇨🇦, all year cyclist. All things active. Kindness. Violence is bad. Equity, open source, Linux, right to repair, free exchange of ideas. Snow, sunshine, clouds, rain- nature is good

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You probably heard about me because I am the founder of the Twisted python networking engine open source project. But I’m also the author and maintainer of several other smaller projects, a writer and public speaker about software and the things software affects (i.e.: everything), and a productivity nerd due to my ADHD. I also post a lot about politics; I’d personally prefer to be apolitical but unfortunately the global rising tide of revanchist fascism is kind of dangerous to ignore.

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Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle

Médico de família e comunidade, doutor em epidemiologia, editor científico certificado. Interessado por pesquisa em atenção primária; ciclismo urbano; software livre; ficção científica e fantasia; e muito mais.

Family and community physician, doctor in epidemiology, certified scientific editor. Interested in primary care research; bike commuting; free software; science fiction and fantasy; and much more. (he/him)

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