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Strategy, Public Policy, Advocacy, Marketer, Lecturer.
A mix of banter, dog pictures and current thoughts, covering the arts, open source, public transport, urban planning, Doctor Who.

opensource Open Source

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Peter Prevos 💧🎓📊🇳🇱🇦🇺

Water engineer 💧 and social scientist 🎓. Writer of playfully intellectual discourse about philosophy, data science and magic tricks. Emacs and free software aficionado.
🌏 Lives on Djaara country (Bendigo).

opensource Open Source

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David Bell

Artisinal, free range nerd, FOSS advocate, and fan of Oxford Commas.
Thoughts, toots, and kwinoah muffins are my own.
Scones: jam then cream.

opensource Open Source

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Julien Goodwin

Open source operations guy. CorpNet SRE at Google (previously on AS15169, Chrome, Insider Risk) he/him

opensource Open Source

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he_him Living in () on Wurundjeri Woiwurrung country; I nerd. Linux/open source; metal casting; wild clay pottery; climbing; brewing; motorcycles; very left; completely atheist.
Once upon a time, I was a sysadmin: SunOS and Solaris, and then Linux. Now, I'm a consultant, telling people what they've already heard about DevOps (the cultural kind, not just k8s with sugar on).

opensource Open Source linux Linux

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