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Aaron Patterson ✅

Rails Core / Ruby Core.
PGP: 4CE9 1B75 A798 28E8 6B1A A8BB 9531 70BC B4FF AFC6
Switch: SW-6099-0664-6989

ruby Ruby rails Rails

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Dave Copeland ruby

Author of Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails, The Senior Software Engineer and more. CTO @ Mood Health. Former Stitch Fix, LivingSocial. Posts about Ruby, Tech, Maybe Cats

ruby Ruby rails Rails

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Mike Dalessio

Mostly posts about gummi bears, space probes, and Ruby.

OSS contributor, maintaining Nokogiri, SQLite3, Rails::Html::Sanitizer, Mechanize, and more in the Ruby ecosystem.

Leading the Ruby & Rails Infrastructure team at Shopify.

ruby Ruby rails Rails

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Helma 🤗

Information Security Officer @ SURF | privacy | typoqueen | Grunn | Veluwe | wine | food | Venezia | Ducati | cats 😊 | ♡ CC0, art, books, movies, literature | motorbike trails & camping | own views and silliness
~ the Netherlands ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

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Own photographs (unless credits)
Unfriendly people = block
Not boosting links to birdsite
Toots vaporise after a month

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Ryan Bigg

Award-winning husband of @smly_bee. Bigg Daddy since 2016. Wrote some Ruby books. Rails user since 2006. Hanami fan. Learning how to read Japanese. Executive Director of The Gem Foundation. NaNoWriMo Winner 2023.

ruby Ruby rails Rails

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