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Good news! It looks like the noise you have all made has convinced Philips Hue to reconsider. They will not force data sharing on user accounts, according to their response in this The Verge article. We do await the exact changes to their policy.


However, in a change to the current policy, Yianni says Hue will not collect usage information from users without additional optional consent. “So, we do not require users share anything about how they use our products,” he says.

“Previously creating an account was consent for usage data processing that we are in the process of decoupling and will be decoupled before accounts become essential — that makes sure it’s possible to create an account without sharing usage data,” says Yianni. However, if you choose to use the cloud services for things like out-of-home connectivity, you will need an account, and Hue will process your data, he says.
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Wenn du gerade wirklich keinen Bock hast, die dämliche Bucht zu benennen.

Foto. Kleiner Ausschnitt einer gedruckten Karte. Inseln und Festland, Ortsnamen wie "Vordingborg", "Stege", "Møn". Im Meer neben einer Insel in Hellblau der Name "Faksebucht".
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"I wish this [engineering ethics] course had covered the idea that people might be harmed not because of an implementation mistake, but because an engineer did a good job building the wrong thing." crummy.com/software/BeautifulS

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“For the first time, it is possible for water, produced by sunlight, to be even cheaper than tap water,”

A new sun-powered technology aims to convert seawater into drinkable water, which could be a game-changer for regions facing water scarcity.

news.mit.edu/2023/desalination - via @feedle


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The 5 is here and like its predecessor it supports decoding and displaying H.265 in 4K@60fps.
Some of you may wonder: does that really work on a modern / desktop? If my laptop fan starts spinning when playing such content, how can the PI handle it?

Here I'd like to draw your attention to a pretty cool feature we just introduced in - support for YCbCr or YUV pixel formats in the system compositor (Mutter).

Short 🧵

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A picture of a cow with over-text that says "Fox News is news in the same way that cow pies are pies"
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Our beloved LibreOffice turns 13 today! 🐧 🎉


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What's going on today? Two big Godot events today (SO FAR):
1) Road to Vostok, a high visibility project, announces that he is migrating the game from Unity to Godot.

2) Brackeys rises from the ashes after a 3-yr sabbatical and announces that he is learning (For those who don't know: Brackeys was THE biggest Unity educator/tutorial creator, his channel has 1.6M subs. Imagine that with open-source content).

Open-source is the winner in the Unity fiasco

BRACKEYS - "I can only say that I have started learning Godot"
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Wojciech Wernicki @ hachyderm.io | javascript JavaScript

Good morning y’all

Meme composed by two images. On the first one there is a person with black shirt, inspecting wooden logs. The text says „Examined the logs…”. The second picture presents some living bug on wooden surface. The text says „Found the bug!”
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When are we going to take Rust parsing seriously? Firefox 117.0.1 (and also Chromium, which means all Electron apps) had to fix a libwebp buffer overflow that could lead to remote code execution, and now Firefox 118.0.1 (and also Chromium, which means all Electron Apps) has to fix a libvpx buffer overflow that could lead to remote code execution _just two weeks later_. These are just two C libraries used by ALL browsers and many programs, handling remote input in an unsafe way!

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The many nap stylings of Mango

Mango, a ginger tabby, napping in all different positions on a geometric club chair. On his side, back, flipped and flopped, mango looks extremely comfortable.
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Transgender people get diagnosed gender *dysphoria*, not dysmorphia.

Dysmorphia is an obsessive disorder where a person’s perception of reality is distorted. A dysphoria is a persistent unease with a distressing situation. You can have dysphoria from your crappy job. The treatment for a dysphoria is to change the situation. Losing weight doesn’t relieve dysmorphia for anorexic people. Transition does relieve dysphoria for trans people. We’re not delusional, we need a change of circumstance

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Is this a canon event or what?

The meme has two spider men in the frame, with both pointing at each other.

The title says: When you meet someone who also uses Linux.
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Chris Lowis @ ruby.social | ruby Ruby

Sources saying Epic are selling Bandcamp (twitter.com/jasonschreier/stat). Hopefully the new owners understand the unique position Bandcamp have in the industry.

We're building a co-operatively run alternative jam.coop. Owned by musicians and the people who build it, it'll never be sold. Sign up to find out more.

Jason Schreier on X

Jason Schreier on X

Epic is also divesting from two previous acquisitions, sources say. It is selling music site Bandcamp to the marketer Songtradr and spinning out marketing company SuperAwesome to operate independently.
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New window swapping mode in Cosmic DE, whaaaat? Check out what else is new with our COSMIC DE bit.ly/45q2Va9

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As of now, ☑️Waycheck (for checking protocols your environment supports) is available in @fedora (as well as @centos *et al* through )! 🎉

You can get it by installing the `waycheck` package. Now you too can easily see what features your desktop has and does not have to go poke (kindly!) to get *all the features*, courtesy of yours truly! 🤠

(Shameless plug: github.com/sponsors/Conan-Kudo)

A Fedora Linux 39 system running KDE Plasma showing Konsole on the top right with output showing "waycheck" installed through DNF. Waycheck is running in the center showing the protocols that Kwin supports. A system dialog box next to it shows that it is Fedora Linux 39 with KDE Plasma, with another dialog behind it partially obscured showing KDE reporting the same information as Waycheck in a less clean fashion.
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Alonely0 🦀 @ mastodon.social | rust Rust

@patrick The GNOME and KDE projects have a very good relationship and share stuff all the time, it's mostly the users who bite each other's heads off.

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gets new features and improvements thanks to a community that works collaboratively! Here are some success stories: qa.blog.documentfoundation.org

Screenshot of improved LibreOffice Outline Folding display
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ˈdälfən™🐬 💥 🌊 @ mstdn.social | python Python

Gnash says HI 👋

orange and white tabby cat looking sleepy on his couch
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Die Existenz von Majoran impliziert die Existenz von Minoran.

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