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Heka dotnet angular

I write code, watch football and sometimes read.
Did I mention I write code?

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Languages: English, Dutch, dotnet, Angular

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Romain Maneschi 🇫🇷

Father of 2 👨‍👧‍👦 / Dev 💸 / Dev ❤️ /

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Alan Beech

UK Software Developer Primarily Xamarin, MAUI, Angular. Runner (not fast). Also, Photography & Electronics in my spare time. Basically into loads of stuff.. Just not enough time in the day..

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Cabinet 20 🌱 typescript

Interested in angular and web development.
Love iOS (with caveats) apple_old_logo
Vegan 🌱 - eating animals is no different to dog fighting, both are harming animals for your enjoyment.

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Senior Software Engineer at codecraftworks.com/ using Angular, Firebase, & Google Cloud. I run Space Coast Tech Club & Google Developer Group Space Coast He/Him Black Latino

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Jorge Vergara

Full-Stack Developer Building apps with Ionic, Angular, Firebase, and nodejs

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Jehú Frayle

Coding my way out.
Lifelong learner.
Linux 🐧 - JavaScript ☕ - Angular 🅰️
Raro, Bipolar y Porfiado 🐢.

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Jeremy Elbourn

Software engineer at Google - Eng lead for Angular

See my dog at mal.dog

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Markus Huggler 💻

Software Engineer (.Net Core, Dotnet, C#, Angular, Typescript), very interested in Software Architecture and Methodology (DDD TDD, Cleancode, Agile), proud father of two girls and drummer, Linux (Fedora) user

Co-founder novaloop.ch

For Linux and Tech stuff head over to: fosstodon.org/@magbeat

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