How to get listed?

There are a few prerequisites for your account to be listed on FediDevs.com

1. Your account must be discoverable and not opt-out of search engine indexing

Go to Preferences - Public profile - Privacy and reach tab ({your_instance}/settings/privacy) and check the following checkboxes:

  1. Feature profile and posts in discovery algorithms
  2. Include profile page in search engines

Screenshot of the Mastodon Profile page, Privacy and reach tab, showing which checkboxes are required to get listed

Older versions of Mastodon have a different preferences page layout. See here.

Go to Preferences - Public - Appearance ({your_instance}/settings/profile) and check the Suggest account to others checkbox:

Screenshot of the Mastodon Edit profile page showing the Suggest account to others checkbox

Then go to Preferences - Other ({your_instance}//preferences/other) and UNCHECK the Opt-out of search engine indexing checkbox:

Screenshot of the Mastodon Preferences page showing the Opt-out of search engine indexing checkbox

2. Your display name, bio, or profile metadata has to have at least one of the filter keywords

The keywords are case-insensitive and can be anywhere in your display name, bio, or profile metadata. You can also use custom emojis like :python:. The table below shows more information about all the filters:

Filter Recommended keyword Regex used by the filter
python Python python python|psf|django
typescript TypeScript typescript typescript|[^a-z]ts[^a-z:]
javascript JavaScript javascript javascript|[^a-z]js[^a-z:]
rust Rust rust [^a-z:]rust[^a-z]|rustlang
ruby Ruby ruby ruby
golang Go golang golang|robpike
java Java java java[^script]
kotlin Kotlin kotlin kotlin
scala Scala scala [^e]scala[^b]
swift Swift swift swift
rstats R rstats rstats
csharp C# csharp csharp|c#
fsharp F# fsharp fsharp|f#
cpp C++ cpp c\+\+|cpp
css CSS css [^\.]css
php PHP php [^\.]php
haskell Haskell haskell haskell
ocaml OCaml ocaml ocaml
nix Nix nix [^(a-z|\.|\*):]nix[^Craft]
julia Julia julia julia(?!n)
django Django django django
flask Flask flask flask
fastapi FastAPI fastapi fastapi
rails Rails rails rails
laravel Laravel laravel laravel
symfony Symfony symfony symfony
kubernetes Kubernetes kubernetes kubernetes
spring Spring spring spring
htmx HTMX htmx htmx
react React react react
vue Vue vue [^a-z:]vue
angular Angular angular angular
nextjs Next.js nextjs nextjs
svelte Svelte svelte svelte
tailwind Tailwind tailwind tailwind
bootstrap Bootstrap bootstrap bootstrap
dotnet .NET dotnet \.net|dotnet
opensource Open Source opensource open[- _]?source|free[- _]?software|libre[- _]?software|foss[^i]
linux Linux linux linux
terraform Terraform terraform terraform
opentofu OpenTofu opentofu opentofu

3. Have at least one post/toot in the last 230 days

Accounts with no recent posts are not indexed.

4. Your instance must be indexed

FediDevs currently indexes the following instances:

If you did all the steps above and still don't see your account on FediDevs.com, reach out and I'll check!

How often is the data refreshed?

The data is refreshed about once per day, but if you want your profile on FediDevs.com updated sooner, send me an email and I'll update it manually.

How to get your account removed from FediDevs.com?

The easiest way is to Opt-out of search engine indexing in your Mastodon Privacy and reach page. Uncheck the checkbox that says "Feature profile and posts in discovery algorithms" or "Include profile page in search engines" at {your_instance}/settings/privacy. This will remove your account on next sync (in about 1 day).

If you don't want to wait until the next sync please reach out and I'll remove you immediately.

How to get your instance removed from FediDevs.com?

If you are an admin of an instance that is listed above, but don't want me indexing it anymore, please send an email. Once I confirm your identity I will remove all accounts from your instance and never index your instance again.