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Self host the software stack, bootstrap the hardware stack. Anything that isn't recyclable isn't sustainable. Close the loop, build computers out of trash.

I believe in trash magic. trashrobot.org/
Self hosting in both the sense of software that can build itself, as well as the decentralized distribution of information.

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Still retired, oldmeanroy on twit, my best friend is my dog, bigtime car guy.

Programmed my first computer in 1964, a CDC160A, in binary. Using the switches on the front panel.
Took one byte off the paper tape bootstrap routine.

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Scott Watermasysk

Husband, Father, and KickoffLabs co-founder. Interests: basketball, bootstrapping, keyboards, training, and building new things

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Andy Croll

He’s CTO at CoverageBook, Rubyist, Conference Organizer of Brighton Ruby, Author, Speaker, Bootstrapper & Twin Dad.

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kowfm (Karl Oscar Weber)

Artist, Designer, Engineer,
I build Apps, Websites, and Teams.

Capsule.graphics is my thing.

I maintain Ruby Camping.
I like the colors so rich it hurts my eyes. Definitely P3 Color Gamut.

Focused on growing a more diverse and inclusive Ruby community by default.

Writing a new programming language Kona.

Black Lives Matter.
Anti Fascist.

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Jeff Standen

Founder & Software Architect @ Cerb.ai for 22 years, building web-based coding tools for enterprise communication and workflow automation. 100% source-available & customer-funded.

I've been obsessed with coding since the dial-up BBS days of the early 1990s. My daily stack is PHP/MySQL/AWS/Docker, with increasingly more Python for devops/ML.

Learning piano and German.

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Endurain is a self-hosted fitness tracking service that operates much like Strava but allows users to have complete control over their data and the hosting environment. The application's frontend is built using a combination of PHP, HTML, basic JavaScript, and Bootstrap CSS. On the backend, it leverages Python FastAPI and stravalib for seamless integration with Strava. The MariaDB database engine is employed to efficiently store and manage user data, while Jaeger is used for basic observability.

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Announcing Ringzer0 - a premier cybersecurity training and conference event!
★ Austin TX ★ February 2024 ★ Registrations Open

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FreeFrontend.com is a valuable resource for both web designers seeking new inspiration and developers looking to enhance the functionality of their projects.
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, JavaScript, React, Vue, jQuery.

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Alexander Zeitler

Bootstrapping @getkliento

📍 Karlsruhe, Germany

since 1981
since 2002
since 2008
since 2011
since 2011 (yes, I'm late)

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