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kowfm (Karl Oscar Weber)

Artist, Designer, Engineer,
I build Apps, Websites, and Teams.

Capsule.graphics is my thing.

I maintain Ruby Camping.
I like the colors so rich it hurts my eyes. Definitely P3 Color Gamut.

Focused on growing a more diverse and inclusive Ruby community by default.

Writing a new programming language Kona.

Black Lives Matter.
Anti Fascist.

ruby Ruby bootstrap Bootstrap

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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

bootstrap Bootstrap

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Self host the software stack, bootstrap the hardware stack. Anything that isn't recyclable isn't sustainable. Close the loop, build computers out of trash.

I am applying trash magic to computers.
Self hosting in both the sense of software that can build itself, as well as the decentralized distribution of information.

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Justin Jackson

⚡ Interested in bootstrapping, podcasting, calm companies, business ethics, better life 🎙️ Co-founder of Transistor.fm (podcast hosting)

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Dmitry Kudryavtsev

🧑‍💻 Software Engineer & Indie Hacker
💸 Bootstrapping a SaaS to €1000 MRR in public (info on my website)
📝 Blogger & Self-published author
📍Relocated to 🇳🇱

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Announcing Ringzer0 - a premier cybersecurity training and conference event!
★ Austin TX ★ February 2024 ★ Registrations Open

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Still retired, oldmeanroy on twit, my best friend is my dog, bigtime car guy.

Programmed my first computer in 1964, a CDC160A, in binary. Using the switches on the front panel.
Took one byte off the paper tape bootstrap routine.

bootstrap Bootstrap

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Jeff Standen

Founder & Software Architect @ Cerb.ai for 22 years, building web-based coding tools for enterprise communication and workflow automation. 100% source-available & customer-funded.

I've been obsessed with coding since the dial-up BBS days of the early 1990s. My daily stack is PHP/MySQL/AWS/Docker, with increasingly more Python for devops/ML.

Learning piano and German.

python Python php PHP bootstrap Bootstrap

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