Software developer who mostly writes in csharp dotnet & VB and knows C, C++, java, PHP, Pascal, javascript, python, COBOL, & Fortran. & if forced, I could probably remember CICS & Assembly Language. The result would be better in CICS.

I have an MA in History from 2002. And also have BAs in History and Biblical Studies from 1999.

I returned to school in 2011 and received degrees in Web Programming (2015) & Networking(2018).

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The Last Psion | Alex
@[email protected]

Performing vintage platform necromancy. hardware and software hackery, especially SIBO/EPOC16 machines (Series 3, MC range, etc).

Made the , a USB drive for Psion SSDs.

WARNING: Will (, , , , , , , )

If you have any old Psion source code (OPL, C, C++, assembly), docs or schematics, please get in touch!

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* leftist,
anti-fascist pessimist

* senior “Web Engineer”
(mostly TypeScript dev)

* Web Platform, PWA & WebComponents fanboy (a free Web can do more good if it is capable, this includes treating PWAs like first-class citizens in an application environment, i.e. sadly the opposite of Mozilla’s vision for the web)

* dabbling in (sane) IoT & embedded C++

* interested in everything

* ask me stuff!

* he/him

🌹🏳️‍🌈⬆️ antifa

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Niklas Hauser
@[email protected]

μC lover • datasheet connoisseur • tool meta-programmer • debugger • railway signaling • drone pilot • avionics • reads your precious reference manuals • rants about your code • "I mean… how difficult could it be?" • sleepy • nerdy

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Explainer of things for fork(). Tamer of computers. Capturer of photons. Banger of heads. Finder of geocaches. Digger of holes on the beach. He/him.

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Artur Wawrowski
@[email protected]

SysAdmin, Qt C++ dev, python automation tinkerer. Motorcycle rider.

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Hi, i am Bingly, your virual friend :)

Memes, shitpost and FOSS enjoyer

"Everyone should have a right to be a brain-dead online"
- Me, when i was bored in class that one time

Current OS: Debian, Windows 10 and GhostBSD

- Operating system: Linux (Void Linux and Alpine Linux)
- Programming language: C/C++ and HTML/CSS
- Food: Borger 🍔
- Other: Mountain views and Freedom

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Florian Lohoff
@[email protected]

Openstreetmap, Linux, Debian, MIPS(el), C, C++, Perl, Electronics, Cycling, Technology.

The world is not 8086 - its MIPS, Alpha, HPPA, Sparc, Arm, Power(PC), RiscV, i960, VAX, ia64.

gt, owl, nrw, germany, earth

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Richard Creamer 🎸📷 🎣🥾🔭🎵
@[email protected]

Sw engr | grandpa

I post on/like ∀ ∈ below:)

Cur projects:
• Image proc + analysis
• Epi data modeling
• Graph viz for edu, crit think, collab

C C++ Java C# Py ML RDF SemWeb
🎸📷 🎣🥾🎵🔭 Math Physics CS 3D

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Software Developer: C/C++, 🐍, , , , 💕 Linux 🐧 RasPi 🥧 maker 🤖 IoT enthusiast 🎛️ Jujutsu 🥋

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Custom software design and implementation, mostly Oracle and C++, but plenty of other experience.
PhD in Physics, Global warming is real and dangerous, Reproductive rights are human rights, Trans rights are human rights. He/him.

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I'm a Software Craftsman. I've over thirty years of software development, with almost sixteen of them in .NET frameworks. What we now call full stack, we used to call "development". Primarily a developer these days, but have worked in , , , and a plethora of scripting languages. Currently working as a Senior OR Analytics Developer for an international company that likes the color #301506.

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Holger Schurig
@[email protected]

Hobby: , , reading history novelles, , , , ,

Programming languages: many, since I program since 1979. Currently mostly C++ with Qt, C (small command line things, Firmware, Linux kernel stuff), Python3, Bash, reluctantly Elisp, interested in Nim

Professionally I work for a producer of embedded electronics and rugged vehicle computers, doing the Linux images, drivers, hardware test setup, firmware for µC in

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Passionate Software Developer. Maintainer of @maplibre Native.

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Petr Kobalicek
@[email protected]

C++, assembly (JIT), high performance. The founder of and projects.

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Piyush Aggarwal
@[email protected]

C++/Qt Software Engineer (desktop, mobile, embedded, loT), | Open Source @ KDE

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Selamat Datang ! أهلا بك ! خوشامد Merhaba !

Welcome to the active, energetic, dynamic, fast moving SoftwareHub community.

We are passionate about learning

- modern Software engineering practices
- Linux systems programming using C++
- Database PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Graph databases
- Machine Learning using C++
- Microservice based architecture
- ContainerNative projects and tools using Golang
- DevOps, Orchestration and CI/CD tools
- Cryptography, Security, DevSecOps
- Platform engineering

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I'm a programmer with 6 years of experience. I work in Rust, C, C++, Python, HTML, JavaScript and x86_64 Assembly.

I love rust archlinux android vim git copyleft ,, and .

Content (posts and comments) posted on this account is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 unless stated otherwise. I explicitly prohibit use of said content for anything AI-related.
Violating rules described above could and will result in legal action.

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Mad computer scientist, unfinished project collector, meme enjoyer. Posts mostly tech and memes and tech memes.

Current project: Ludwig, a Lemmy clone in C++ -

Backlog project: Tapir, a single-user Fediverse server -

· · · · · · · · · · · (, , ) · / · · ·

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I am a a University Student pursuing Integrated Master of Technology in Mathematics and Computing from Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad.

I mostly do System Programming and am experienced with C, C++, Rust, Python and Clojure.

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I am an engineer @ NASA/JPL. I love both Python and C++ and am always looking for opportunities to donate my skills to pro-social endeavors. Hit me up!

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Python and C++ for sensor fusion, distributed systems. , , , SLAM and rockets too.

Likes too much: bikes, fixing bikes, open source, compilers, visualizations, machine learning for personal use, sewing, taking things apart, the Taskmaster TV show, coffee

Author/Maintainer of

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Quantitative Image Analysis -- C++, Python, MATLAB -- Food -- Nature -- Photography -- LEGO, Metal Earth, UGears

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Free software hacker, sci-fi geek, metalhead. Currently leading high performance backends team in @gendigitalinc and consulting QCoro and C++ in spare time.

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Embedded tech lead at @tweedegolf. I use Rust and have used C++ & C#.
Occasional amateur musician.

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21 years old student at Epitech Toulouse (5th year) and Free software enthusiast.

I like to program in C/Haskell/Python.
I hate C++.
CubicServer's maintainer.

Posts get deleted after 2 weeks for privacy related reasons :3

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May the force be with you, RAmen.

Nowadays I mainly write code in Go, but I also write/wrote code in Kotlin, Python, Scala, Groovy, Starlark, VimScript, Bash, C/C++, Java, PHP, and probably others.

He/him, they/them, or vi/vim.

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Jonathan Müller
@[email protected]

C++, compilers, and programming languages. Library developer @ think-cell, assistant chair for std::ranges @ C++ standardization committee.

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I’ve been a hobbyist games and technology writer for over 20 years. I keep the lights on by writing MIT-licensed embedded hardware drivers at Pimoroni in Python, MicroPython and C++.

Hobbies include music, videogames, skateboarding, baking and making videos about frothing milk.

Tech @
Software @ Pimoroni

Pi pinout -

Pico pinout -


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A guy who's trying to make more switches to FOSS, interested in gaming, philosophy, science, food...

Expect some political/environment rants...

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Hi, I currently work in banking area(Mainframe), I love FLOSS and am trying get some skills with Qt/C++.

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Gareth Lloyd (He/him)
@[email protected]

- Software Engineer at Memgraph
- Interested in C++, Rust, algorithms, HPC, and testing
- Research into packing problems and other computational difficult problems
- Live and breathe modern boardgames
- Coordinator of ACCU York
- LGBTQ+ ally

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Heath Stewart
@[email protected]

Principal Software Engineer currently working on at microsoft. My opinions are my own. Work on a number of OSS projects for work and personally in numerous languages including cpp_language, csharp, javascript, golang, rust, et. al. See a problem, fix a problem (or at least create an issue)!

Avid outdoor adventurer 🏔️❄️👞🚴‍♂️, husband, father.

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huntears tux 🇪🇺 🇨🇵
@[email protected]

21 years old student at Epitech Toulouse (5th year) and Free software enthusiast.

I like to program in C/Haskell/Python.
I hate C++.
CubicServer's maintainer.

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Abdujabbar Bozdar
@[email protected]

I am an electronics engineer and a systems programmer.

linux user since 2007

technologist_m c_language cpp_language armbian

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Open-source Software Developer | Cryptography & Cybersecurity | Python, C/C++, JavaScript, Node.js

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Modular C++ Internet Relay Chat daemon 🗣💬⚙️

For support visit #​inspircd on

Account managed by @sadiepowell

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🇳🇱 🇪🇺Jeroen 🇺🇦 🇺🇦
@[email protected]

Dad, C++, Python, maker, smarthome tinkerer, 3D printing enthusiast, he/him.💉💉💉 💉

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Lawrence Murray
@[email protected]

, , computing & C++ . Developer of Birch & LibBi probabilistic programming languages, and Doxide for C++ documentation. Sharing own and boosting others' blog posts, papers and open source contributions.

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Software developer cpp_language


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Programmer, mostly writing C++, C and Go.

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The team of | Sharing updates and news about the for and . Feel free to follow us!

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Tool Developer (C++, Python, Javascript)
Skeptic, Secular Humanist, Center-Left
Currently living in Germany

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Performant Data
@[email protected]

Scala / database / optimization engineer
scala cpp_language react postgresql kubernetes linux
Berkeley, CA, US

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I am a C programmer.

Linux user since 2007

linux technologist_m c_language cpp_language

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opensource redhat

Senior DevOps engineer who is passionate about open source & Linux, "everything as code" and automation in general.

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Arthur Brainville
@[email protected]

C++ guy. Pushes pixesl and moves bytes at

Open-Source and Free Software. Interested in graphics programming, man-machine interface and game development.
Also. I like space. 😉

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Big Gay Fox - 32 - He/Him 🔞

Digital logic design, travel, dad thirst, general fox noises.

Banner: CivetStranj (Twitter)
PFP: rede4cha (Twitter)

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and web developer/designer from

- Enjoyer of 🍣
- Liberal
- Wishes he was playing rn
- Pencil enthusiast
- Freaks out about and progressive enhancement sometimes
- Probably but afraid to make it official

FCF3a A+ C++ Dm++ H+ M- P- R+ T+++ W Z Sm- RLRLCT a+ cm+++ d+++ e+ f+ h++++ iwf+++ j p sm*

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