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Thing i love :
- Birds of all kind they are all so cute
- furry art
- music (electro, hip hop, jazz, funk, trip-hop, post rock, dark ambience, dance, etc...)
- cooking, especially making cakes and biscuits
- books
- starting project (and never finishing them)

I work as a dotnet dev doing some dev ops too.

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nix Nix dotnet .NET

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Coding Cottagecore Bogwitch

Coder by day. Cottagecore bogwitch by night.

Day job: full stack, but partial towards .NET and Azure. Hobbies: crafting, crochet, model-building and anything to do with trains.

Based usually in Aberhwmbr, Loegr; sometimes in Bryste or Casnewydd. She/her, bi.

This account comes with a partial no-selfie guarantee

dotnet .NET

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Claudio Zizza 🦜

Still being human even after over 20 years of coding. Speaker, advicer & complexity tamer. PHP, .NET, JS, Go, HR and more. Part of the Doctrine team.

javascript JavaScript php PHP dotnet .NET

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Anthony Steele

Coder in London. .NET stuff.
Cloud and scale. Needs a good delivery pipeline.

In large companies, most problems can be solved by adding process; except for problems caused by too much process. Over time, these will become the most common kind remaining.

Located in London UK, but staying home since 2020; except for occasional visits to Cape Town, South Africa; Boston, Massachusetts and other places.

He / Him.

csharp C# dotnet .NET

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