Endurain is a self-hosted fitness tracking service that operates much like Strava but allows users to have complete control over their data and the hosting environment. The application's frontend is built using a combination of PHP, HTML, basic JavaScript, and Bootstrap CSS. On the backend, it leverages Python FastAPI and stravalib for seamless integration with Strava. The MariaDB database engine is employed to efficiently store and manage user data, while Jaeger is used for basic observability.

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David Quintero

I know so many programming languages, yet there is only one I enjoy writing a framework from scratch in...

The one everyone I've met hates 🐘

Tech stack:

1. PHP (Core, Codeigniter 4, Slim Framework, Laravel, Symfony)
2. Golang (Core, Gorilla Framework)
3. Java (Spring Boot)
4. NodeJS
5. Python (Flask, Django, FastAPI)
6. Typescript (React, Vue)
8. JQuery / Vanilla Javascript (I've written more of that than I should probably hahaha)
9. C/C++
10. A bit of COBOL (of all things)
11. Perl

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Bruno Rocha

I code python_logo at redhat for Ansible.
I am a PSF Fellow
I maintain dynaconf.com
I like rust
I am plant based 🌱
I use arch_linux btw

Viana do Castelo 🇵🇹 | from 🇧🇷 | 🍉

My posts are mainly in English and occasionally in Portuguese.

Here I share mostly about

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GeniePy 🐍

GeniePy is a modern SaaS boilerplate in pure Python that saves you months of development time.

All the application code is written in Python. At runtime, your application is split into a FastAPI backend and a Next.js application that serves the frontend.

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