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• Coder in Sydney, Gadigal land
• Bass/Rhythm/Lead guitar
• Bouba in the streets;Kiki in the sheets
• I run a couple of bots.
• I do , currently working with a system and learning at the same time, which is giving me mental whiplash

User image and header are both from the animated series "Gravity Falls" in which a fictional President of the USA issues a bill worth -$12.

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binaryphile clippy

golang neovim android bash bitcoin ethereum fosstodon git ruby python signal ubuntu


There are 10 kinds of people in the world...

I follow easily but unfollow and mute just as easily. No offense

Progressive father and husband, software developer in his 50s

Avatar is the robot Bender from the animated show Futurama, on a background of ones and zeroes.

Profile splash graphic is the cover of the boardgame , a favorite board game of mine.

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chris 🥐

ever since i was young, i've loved food

opinions are my own
software engineer | uses
i use mastodon as my rubber duck 🦆

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Economist, Sysadmin, Devops, Golang, Networking Engineer, Linux & MacOS nerd

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Wind (Vējš)

Slowly but steadily losing faith in humanity.

English is not my first language.

Photos are my own.

My opinions may be wrong, and subject to change after time.

Capitalism was a mistake.

Flush AI down the toilet!


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Lev Lazinskiy 🏳️‍🌈

I live in San Francisco and love transit, reading, writing, music, journalism, chess, cooking and eating. I'm dreaming of a world with 1 minute headways 24/7.

Currently hacking in and and helping remove toil from CI/CD at @dagger_io


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Andrea Grandi 🦕

Software Developer at SuperTab - Python, Go mentor at Exercism - 🏳️‍🌈 🇮🇹 🇪🇺 🤝 🇺🇦

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Denis Evsyukov verified

Golang developer.

I like to experiment with different software. Find solutions and unusual moves.

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Stephen Weber

Complex human seeking complex systems.

USA-ian. Studying software archaeology, the Finnish language (), and . I've accidentally taught my huskies to let me know that standup is running too long.


This is my personal account, may contain opinions such as Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights are Human Rights, and that fascism and misogyny must be opposed.

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