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Googly Eyed Peas

Immune compromised Scala/Java/Golang/Rust/Haskell self employed developer, stuck at home because of how mild COVID is. Getting rather pissed off about it. Father of autistic boy. Anti-fascist. See a nazi, punch a nazi. 🌈 I hold the opinion that convicted billionaire fraudsters should go to big-boy prisons and not minimum security country clubs (ok Emma?)

rust Rust golang Golang java Java scala Scala haskell Haskell

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• Coder in Sydney, Gadigal land
• Bass/Rhythm/Lead guitar
• Bouba in the streets;Kiki in the sheets
• I run a couple of bots.
• I do , currently working with a system and learning at the same time, which is giving me mental whiplash

User image and header are both from the animated series "Gravity Falls" in which a fictional President of the USA issues a bill worth -$12.

golang Golang

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freeformz 🏳️‍🌈

by day - mostly , , &
(traditional & CNC) & by night

Also , , , , , , , , , , & more

Staff engineer @ Fastly

Formerly: Heroku/Salesforce/Engineyard/Interlix/LearningPatterns/UBS/PaineWebber

I’ve been doing “computer stuff” since the 80’s. East coaster (NY/NJ) in the PNW (PDX Area). Married 25+ years to Latina Phd

Bluesky: @freeformz.me

golang Golang kotlin Kotlin

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Lewis Cowles

Polyglot, using PHP since version 3, currently leading technical delivery and change in a Python, backend team.

I Love Linux, NodeJS, TypeScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Golang, C.

Can be a snark, especially if stressed.

python Python typescript TypeScript ruby Ruby golang Golang php PHP linux Linux

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MysticBasil 🇺🇦

Lead Technical Producer (VR, AR, Games), programmer, tech lover and open-source contributor. Generally prefer to , but tolerate as a middle ground. Interested in various operating systems and programming languages at large, with major preference for and recently . PC gaming veteran and Ukrainian language localization activist. Currently enjoying life in Berlin, Germany.

and afficionado

golang Golang opensource Open Source

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Lars Karlslund verified

I work freelance doing infosec work for large companies, mostly working to find relevant technical security gaps in their core infrastructure from an "assumed breach" perspective (AD, CS, IAM etc), explaining why they should get it fixed and helping them get things prioritized. If you need help, reach out!

I've been coding Golang for 7 years, primary work has been developing an EDR product and now my Active Directory attack graph tool Adalanche, which is available both as open source and with commercial licenses.

In my spare time I design and build machines - and then try to use them. On that list are multiple 3D printers, a laser cutter and a large CNC machine. I love making stuff and learning new things!

Curious security octopus | Sarcasm level 10 | Fond of LEGO | There will be swearing

golang Golang opensource Open Source

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