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Bartosz Milewski

Physicist, programmer (Haskell, C++), mathematician, category theorist. Author of Category Theory for Programmers and The Dao of Programming

cpp C++ haskell Haskell

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Compiler Explorer

I'm a website that lets you type in C, C++, D, Rust, Haskell, Ispc, Java and other compiled languages, and then I compile it and show you the assembly output.

I can also run those programs and show what they'd print.

But not here, I'm not a bot, I'm a person and this account is for status and help with the site.

rust Rust java Java cpp C++ haskell Haskell

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Marshall Abrams

Philosopher of science and occasional scientist. Mainly philosophy of evolutionary biology, philosophy of probability, implications of modeling and statistical inference in evolutionary biology. New book, Evolution and the Machinery of Chance, 2023. Sometimes I write biological or social science simulations to investigate or illustrate philosophical or other theoretical ideas in biology or anthropology. (Favorite languages: Clojure, Idris (learning), OCaml, Haskell, NetLogo, R.)

haskell Haskell ocaml OCaml

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Functional roboticist. 
Robots, Haskell, Rust, nix, emacs, FPV… and the rest of life, too.

rust Rust haskell Haskell nix Nix

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