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Googly Eyed Peas

Immune compromised Scala/Java/Golang/Rust/Haskell self employed developer, stuck at home because of how mild COVID is. Getting rather pissed off about it. Father of autistic boy. Anti-fascist. See a nazi, punch a nazi. ūüĆą I hold the opinion that convicted billionaire fraudsters should go to big-boy prisons and not minimum security country clubs (ok Emma?)

rust Rust golang Golang java Java scala Scala haskell Haskell

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HoldMyType- main :: [Response]

On my desk functions are 1st class citizens
denotations of expressions may be functions from environments and stores to
expressible values-there is no need to return the current store, as it is unchanged.
overlay =A(e E Env, e' E Env). Ale EIde. [idov, AX E 0. e'(l)](e(I))
E Env xEnv --+Env
haskell fsf emacs ocaml

haskell Haskell ocaml OCaml

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Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.

Born 1980-05-15 in Mena, AR
Cis White Male He/him
Liberal Democratic Socialist Idealist
Professional Haskell Programmer
Lives in Cove, AR
(24 years resident of Fayetteville, AR)

Please use Wire (or Signal) for private messaging.

haskell Haskell

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Jeremy List

A programmer from Aotearoa (otherwise known as New Zealand). I have also lived in China but I'm back now.
Antisemites (specifically including supporters of the modern state of Israel) and other racists dni.

rust Rust ruby Ruby cpp C++ haskell Haskell

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Husband, father, grandfather, follower of Jesus, but very much a work in progress.

Retired software developer, visiting lecturer, IETF editor. Likes repairability. BTW I use arch.

Hobbies: reading, blogging, running, sailing.

Delighted to live in Winchester, UK. Involved in a local church.

Banner: Derwent Water
Profile picture: Dorset coast

haskell Haskell

3,153 223 3 months ago

José A. Alonso

Mathematician interested in the study and teaching of computational logic, functional programming (Haskell) and interactive theorem proving (Lean, Isabelle/HOL).

haskell Haskell

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