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Jack Linke 🦄

- Managing Director of Watervize 💧
- ❤'s Django, Python, htmx, GIS, Graphs, discrete math 🤓
- PSF Contributing member 🐍
- Husband, Public Speaker, ND, Veteran
- 🌈 he/him

python Python django Django htmx HTMX

416 216 2 months, 3 weeks ago

David Quintero

I know so many programming languages, yet there is only one I enjoy writing a framework from scratch in...

The one everyone I've met hates 🐘

Tech stack:

1. PHP (Core, Codeigniter 4, Slim Framework, Laravel, Symfony)
2. Golang (Core, Gorilla Framework)
3. Java (Spring Boot)
4. NodeJS
5. Python (Flask, Django, FastAPI)
6. Typescript (React, Vue)
8. JQuery / Vanilla Javascript (I've written more of that than I should probably hahaha)
9. C/C++
10. A bit of COBOL (of all things)
11. Perl

python Python javascript JavaScript golang Golang java Java cpp C++ php PHP django Django flask Flask fastapi FastAPI laravel Laravel symfony Symfony spring Spring htmx HTMX react React vue Vue

125 29 3 weeks, 2 days ago


htmx ceo | created htmxify -- useful(?) extensions for HTMX

htmx HTMX

6 0 3 days, 16 hours ago