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ïng Frank THM van den Heuvel
@[email protected]

Geboren bij 318 ppm CO2. Bouwen aan een betere toekomst. Wooncoöperatie: dewereldbuur.nl.
Niet praktiserend atheïst.

Interesses: sql, php, js, htmx, python, audio techniek, werelddans, fotografie, ligfiets, hardlopen, circulair wonen, klimaat, milieu, politiek, microbioom.

Born at 318 ppm CO2. Building a better future. Collective housing. Non practicing atheist.
Interests: sql, php, js, htmx, python, audio engineering, International folk dance, photography, live

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Chemistry teacher, hobby web developer (, ), beekeeper, wannabe homesteader.

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Giving you superpowers to use every day. Python trainer, coach, developer, and PyRVA co-founder.

Also talk about htmx, tailwind, and django (for fedidevs.com/ purposes).

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Passionate Web developer, mainly using Python & TypeScript these days.
A French folk, living in Scotland since… *checks the calendar … Blimey! A while, now 👴😅
Currently senior Python developer at Torchbox.

On my free time I enjoy climbing, running, playing cards at the pub and improving ZakuChess - a “daily chess challenge with heroic fantasy characters” web game I built with Python, htmx and Tailwind CSS

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Oliver Andrich
@[email protected]

Loves coffee, code and a good conversation.

CTO of alfa Media Partner in Germany. Loves and with and . Besides that I enjoy , and sometimes even .

„Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.“

My personal non-tech account is @[email protected] on my own instance, with mainly German language content.

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Welcome to my mastodon bio. I'm a software developer, open source contributor and occasional bloguer.
Django + HTMX = 🖤

I'm currently working on falco.oluwatobi.dev for faster prototyping in django :)

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junkie, Rust flunkie. I enjoy going fast mountain biking and trail running. Currently working at SRAM 🚴.

Posting from Small Town, central California.

Currently loving + and some

It's always the year of Linux on the Desktop in my house

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Web developer with 10+ YoE with Python, Django, JS 🐍 Ask me about


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htmx ceo | created htmxify -- useful(?) extensions for HTMX

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David Quintero
@[email protected]

I know so many programming languages, yet there is only one I enjoy writing a framework from scratch in...

The one everyone I've met hates 🐘

Tech stack:

1. PHP (Core, Codeigniter 4, Slim Framework, Laravel, Symfony)
2. Golang (Core, Gorilla Framework)
3. Java (Spring Boot)
4. NodeJS
5. Python (Flask, Django, FastAPI)
6. Typescript (React, Vue)
8. JQuery / Vanilla Javascript (I've written more of that than I should probably hahaha)
9. C/C++
10. A bit of COBOL (of all things)
11. Perl

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🧑‍💻 Developer of open source products: github.com/monicahq/monica and others.

Main stack: , , , , the usual.

I use Mastodon to talk about my OSS projects, general web development and give opinions on and .

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Full-stack / / / engineer, CEO of , formerly at Clearscope and Shopify — author and maintainer of the gems , Morphlex, Literal, Quickdraw — cohost the @rooftop podcast.

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Jack Linke 🦄
@[email protected]

- Managing Director of Watervize 💧
- ❤'s Django, Python, htmx, GIS, Graphs, discrete math 🤓
- PSF Contributing member 🐍
- Husband, Public Speaker, ND, Veteran
- 🌈 he/him

Yapping all day, every day (apparently)

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Joshua Oliphant
@[email protected]

From: Olympia, WA

Looking for new roles ,

By day: I love and in .

I have a background in and backend .

I'm currently into the + + + .

My "now" page is another good place to see what I'm up to.

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