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Incorrigible Maker

Banner: F-105F Wild Weasel over North Vietnam 1968. Been there; done that. I took this picture

Avitar: Caricature of old, bald man looking askance. Me! I created it long ago

College @ MissStateUniv;
20 years USAF (320 combat missions);
Soccer (20 yr player, 15 yr coach, once retail store owner);
Past Dir of FL Adoption Reunion Registry;
Computer Professional (consultant, developer, Sr. Software Engineer - data storage/access);
Angler (bass tournaments, now just fishing)
Thoroughly RETIRED

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opinionated lurker of the intarwebs.

Used to write code, still do. c/c++, java, php, js, c#, gdscript, gnawed on sql, sparql, unix/windows etc etc billions of years ago.

tech, graphics, anything STEM
anything anthropology, history, linguistics
anything blender, gimp (although i scream using it), audacity
prefers not to be run over by cars

I drink Philz.

I do a (non-monetized) video or so a week on yt.

Tyranny and poverty are everywhere a mainstream economics phenomenon.

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retired software engineer, volunteer for environmental causes, wanna-be inventor.
grand opening policy: one free Follow for each journalist, scientist, engineer or doctor kicked off of Twitter when and as I learn of your refugee status.

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jorge hidalgo

lecturer in recent runes, father of 2, husband, whistle player, videogames, geek, all things software engineering, java, cloud & devops @Accenture & @[email protected] co-org

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Ibrahim Al-Alali

Software developer @ blueworld GmbH (Android, J2ME/Java 1.3 😭), indie app developer (Android), Watcher of TV shows and movies, avid podcast listener

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Karl Heinz Marbaise (he/him)

Chairman of the @ASFMavenProject, Apache Software Foundation Member @theasf, Mojo Haus Member, Java Developer, CI / CD Fan

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Erik C. Thauvin

The Truth is Out There! 👽

🔹 Been writing software for over 40 years
🔹 Born and raised in France
🔹 Moved to the US when offered a job at Apple in my early twenties
🔹 Started and sold a few companies
🔹 Did a lot of consulting
🔹 Ran one of the first daily Linkblog, mostly focused on Java
🔹 Wrote a weekly column for the Java Developer's Journal
🔹 Cancer survivor
🔹 Time's Person of the Year in 2006

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Nerd - Linux, Elektronik, Java, PKI, Langzeitarchivierung, Fraktale, Chaos, nichtlineare DGLs, Open Source, Wohlfühlkrimis, Kreuzworträtsel, Sudoku, Origami, Comics, Bücher, Garten
metabolisiert O2 seit 329.68 ppm CO2 in der Atmosphäre waren...

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jnfrd Jan

Software Developer trying to not go mad
I try to play guitar. I like it, you won’t.
I write mostly Java but I’d rathe use Scala, Clojure or Rust.
Nazis fuck off.

Born at lunchtime.

Against all forms of 🇮🇱

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A solidarity-based, anti-conspiracy initiative from Lower Bavaria. We fight fake news & fascism!


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