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"Be awesome to each other"
❤️ Linux, ML, WebPerf, JavaScript, Python, Rust.
Skeptic, in the sciency epistemology way.
Helpful crew member on starship Earth.
Punks will take the net back.

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Jake Hamilton

🙋‍♂️ They/He

JavaScript fanboy and expert in bug creation. I also do Nix things.

Be excellent to each other.

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Joe Steinbring thisisfine

I write code (, , , ), take photos, and travel. I live in , . I created a bunch of mastodon bots and toot.works toot_works_girl.

This is my main fediverse account. I am also @steinbring on Pixelfed and @steinbring on kbin/lemmy. You can follow my blog at @joe.

My opinions / shoes are my own.



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opinionated lurker of the intarwebs.

Used to write code, still do. c/c++, java, php, js, c#, gdscript, gnawed on sql, sparql, unix/windows etc etc billions of years ago.

tech, graphics, anything STEM
anything anthropology, history, linguistics
anything blender, gimp (although i scream using it), audacity
prefers not to be run over by cars

I drink Philz.

I do a (non-monetized) video or so a week on yt.

Tyranny and poverty are everywhere a mainstream economics phenomenon.

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Heather Migliorisi

Coffee-first, web devsigner turned program manager that's passionate about creating great experiences for everyone. . Expert code janitor.

:focus on a11y html5 css3 and vanilla javascript

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Keith J Grant

👨🏻‍💻 Front end developer working primarily in React. Currently at Red Hat working on Ansible Controller. Author of CSS in Depth.

🌎 I live in the great Pacific Northwest. I care about people and believe in the open web.

✨ I’m married to a literary nerd and have two fantastic children and two ridiculous cats. I enjoy fine cocktails and cooking. And running, when I’m in the habit. • searchable

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Cleethorpes Info Bot 🏳️‍🌈ℹ️

Info for Cleethorpes UK and beyond.

Weather from my PWS sent on the hour and at wunderground.com/dashboard/pws . Also a crude algorithm for predicting the weather over the next few hours.

Tide info from tidetimes.org.uk is for Bull Sand Fort, tooted at 0:00 and 12:00 each day.

National grid info at 15 & 45 min. Real time Northern Grid info, AQI data at 40 min.

Interesting™ features popping up randomly.

E.&O.E. Things go wrong sometimes.
PS. Don't vote Tory.

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Steven Hilton

Husband. Father. Geek. Chaotic Good. A lot of and a lot of . Two different areas of interest with different audiences. Follow me and get both!

Formerly @mshiltonj

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Incurably curious. Love science, animals, photography, & travel. Runner.
Maker. Reader (and audiobook'er).

Mental health & empathy advocate. He/him. 🏳️‍🌈

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Sarah C. Groß ⌨

🤓 HTML handler, CSS connoisseur, JavaScript juggler - fully stuck developer. 🌈👩‍👩‍👧 Mom. 🏳️‍🌈 Queer.

Co-Host @wwsiv
Co-Maintainer opentype.js

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