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& Software Developer, Technical Lead, Terrible and Junk Food .

I love (fantasy/sci-fi/thriller) and I am learning to play

I like to complain, Aussie citizen originally from Yorkshire.

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he/him, cis, gay, husband, Beagle-owner, JavaScript jockey, aspiring Rustacean: gitlab.com/jokeyrhyme.gpg

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Michael Nelson
@[email protected]

Rust, Go, Python and Javascript developer, with a keen interest in geometric algebra, quantum computing and aviation. Based near Sydney.

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javascript/elixir programmer, open source advocate, internet native, bit of an audio nerd

22 | neurodivergent | gen z |

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Software developer who mostly writes in csharp dotnet & VB and knows C, C++, java, PHP, Pascal, javascript, python, COBOL, & Fortran. & if forced, I could probably remember CICS & Assembly Language. The result would be better in CICS.

I have an MA in History from 2002. And also have BAs in History and Biblical Studies from 1999.

I returned to school in 2011 and received degrees in Web Programming (2015) & Networking(2018).

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Softwareentwickler in allen möglichen Layern und Sprachen. Primär Java, PHP und JavaScript.

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user not found
@[email protected]

I'm Richard, nice to meet you.

-end during the day, enjoy my family, play , try my hand at other musical instruments, and , read, studying shibari / rope bondage in the evening.

Getting into , low level programming, ruining my eye-sight with small things.

Interested in (federated) , the web, , leftist theory and . 🏴 ☭

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Into public transportation, biking infrastructure and | professional robot therapist | cat person | podcast addict/host @akronymisierbar and others | linksgrünversifft | Talk to me on Matrix @kilian:kernkraftwerk.lol

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pretalx▪Python/Django/vue.js▪Three Django projects in a trench coat▪he/him

Admin here. Please report instead of DMing.

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Nerd. Freelance Software Dev. Relationship Anarchist. Sometimes lives in a van. Queer white cis dude, promotes anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, intersectional feminism, the fight against climate change, and thoughtful, ethical behavior in general.

Toots in English or German about software development (mainly Python, JavaScript, Shell), Linux, Vim, electronics/µCs, van life, politics, sex, (inter)personal & emotional things, music, Star Trek, beverages.

May contain awful puns.

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sofia ☮️🏴
@[email protected]

huge and cool-ass . , lefty market , moral realist and friend of .

does and and and software (mostly ) sometimes, speaks , and neglegable amounts of .



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Genderqueer/non-binary. Bi/Pan. Vegan. Feminist*in. Flausch. Linksgrün. Javascript Frontend-Dev. Sanitäter*in. INFJ.

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ïng Frank THM van den Heuvel
@[email protected]

Geboren bij 318 ppm CO2. Bouwen aan een betere toekomst. Wooncoöperatie: dewereldbuur.nl.
Niet praktiserend atheïst.

Interesses: sql, php, js, htmx, python, audio techniek, werelddans, fotografie, ligfiets, hardlopen, circulair wonen, klimaat, milieu, politiek, microbioom.

Born at 318 ppm CO2. Building a better future. Collective housing. Non practicing atheist.
Interests: sql, php, js, htmx, python, audio engineering, International folk dance, photography, live

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@[email protected]

freelance developer · node.js · /#cycling · nosql · 🎧 techno 🎧 · mac ·

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I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through social media feeds at dawn looking for an angry fix.

I myself am a (PHP, Python, SQL, Javascript, etc.), retired (atm) musician, who splits his time between & .

Neither a strong man nor a scholar, but always trying to improve in both arenas.

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🔬 Works on TRIИITY Project: A Tiny x86 EcoSaving Mainframe
🔢 Sysadmin Unix - Lua - Javascript - Web UX & Design
🏍️ Motorcycles Addict
🤓 Motorcycles Mechanical Teacher
🇫🇷 From France

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C# / enthusiast.
I would like to give back to the community what the community gave me !
I think open sourcing software and hardware is the way to go

user since 2019

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Gareth Hughes
@[email protected]

& Software Developer, Technical Lead, Terrible and Junk Food .

Currently working on building a new team at A-Leagues.

I love (fantasy/sci-fi/thriller) and I am learning to play

I like to complain, Aussie citizen originally from Yorkshire.

dotnet csharp terminal postgresql typescript javascript sql raspberrypi github vue docker tux

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José Pablo Ramírez Vargas
@[email protected]

Senior Backend Software Developer

Have worked for many big ones: HP, P&G, Brightstar, IBM, Intel.

Two-time nominee for Microsoft MVP in C# back when I moderated the Spanish MSDN Forums.

My passion is .Net/C#, but I do enjoy pretty much anything about programming. Lately I've been involved a bit into some front-end programming and some NodeJS backend too.

Daddy to

I write code with discipline.

Oh, I love Age of Empires!

dotnet javascript typescript

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Hi there, I'm Jayaram 👋

FullStack developer with 8+ years experience.

👨🏻‍💻 Available for hire

Languages: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Frameworks: Django, React, Svelte, Astro, Gatsby

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xubuntu Technical Lead, xfce Core Developer, linux and advocate. Friend of elementary , gnome , and kde .

Web Developer by trade. php laravel javascript react

Thoughts and opinions are my own, but generally agreeable. Happy to boost small projects!

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Pascal Garber
@[email protected]

Typescript developer, love retro gaming

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I'm a programmer with 6 years of experience. I work in Rust, C, C++, Python, HTML, JavaScript and x86_64 Assembly.

I love rust archlinux android vim git copyleft , helix-editor.com, and .

Content (posts and comments) posted on this account is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 unless stated otherwise. I explicitly prohibit use of said content for anything AI-related.
Violating rules described above could and will result in legal action.

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@[email protected]

nixos php javascript emacs


Two markup languages and a DSL in a trenchcoat tooting about web dev nonsense and adventures in programming. But also sometimes none of those.

, , accessible web, open hardware, stale Nix user, ouliposting, sometimes contributor to .

Trans rights are human rights. Black lives matter.

Opinions are my own.

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Anthony Bosio
@[email protected]

python javascript typescript react ubuntu startrek 🦅

Anthony Bosio

UX conscious front-end and Python developer, librarian's husband, geek dad, FOSS advocate, also interested in photography, graphic design, typography and filmmaking/vfx. You should probably be using Plone or Django for something. PixelCorp retired.
Team: @sixfeetup
Location: South Florida

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Adrienne 📊
@[email protected]

Data Director for Vet Voice Foundation | Analytics Wizard | Tech Founder & Builder | 🎗️ | 🌈 | | | | | | Views are my own

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Stitching together the best technologies to help , and not-for-profits communicate beautifully.


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casraf typescript 🇮🇱
@[email protected]

👨🏻‍💼 Freelance Web and App developer
📱 Developer of dungeonpaper.app
- robust mobile/desktop app for Dungeon World
💻 Working on an Reader and Client (WIP)
🎮 Also a hobbyist game dev (sometimes)
🌐 Check out more projects at casraf.dev/projects :)

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Andy, former owner of SpoilerTV, former Product Expert.

Worked at



Former Professional Player

Owner of DarkUFO (Then largest LOST TV show fan site)

BSc Computer Polytechnic

Now living in

Dabbling in


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Open-source web development tool for PHP and Node.js websites

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Dušan 🇷🇸 arch ⚛️
@[email protected]

Hi there! I'm a software developer from Belgrade, Serbia, mainly dealing with distributed systems. An all-round nerd, minimalist and a tinkerer. I sometimes engage in political commentary. My opinions are my own.
 Besides computing, I'm interested in philosophy of religion, politics, psychology, biology and literature.

php javascript typescript python golang c_language bash

🇷🇸 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🇬🇧 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🇷🇺 ⭐

Proud member of f91w

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SEO since 2003, analytics, cycling infrastructure expert (what a mix, huh?)
Tech speaker
Hobby programmer

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Jakub Iwanowski bash
@[email protected]

I'm a frontend developer from Warsaw. HTML, CSS, Js, sci-fi/fantasy
**Moved from [email protected] **

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Node.js back-end developer.

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Endurain is a self-hosted fitness tracking service that operates much like Strava but allows users to have complete control over their data and the hosting environment. The application's frontend is built using Vue.js 3 and Bootstrap CSS. On the backend, it leverages Python FastAPI and stravalib for seamless integration with Strava. The MariaDB database engine is employed to efficiently store and manage user data, while Jaeger is used for basic observability.

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Marco Tomaschett
@[email protected]

Founder of Enteka Design: Design and development for the Web. ubuntu javascript bash git docker kubuntu apple_inc pine64 manjaro archlinux kdenew php thunderbird firefoxnew python react earth_photo

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Martijn Faassen
@[email protected]

Me grok write code. Rust, Typescript, Python, JavaScript. Created: Morepath, lxml. Also: gardener, science & history fan, living life fan. Husband & father.

I post a lot about programming as well as gardening pictures. If you come for just the gardening pictures the programming talk may baffle you. If you're a programmer, I invite you to enjoy the flowers!

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Heath Stewart
@[email protected]

Principal Software Engineer currently working on at microsoft. My opinions are my own. Work on a number of OSS projects for work and personally in numerous languages including cpp_language, csharp, javascript, golang, rust, et. al. See a problem, fix a problem (or at least create an issue)!

Avid outdoor adventurer 🏔️❄️👞🚴‍♂️, husband, father.

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Open-source Software Developer | Cryptography & Cybersecurity | Python, C/C++, JavaScript, Node.js

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you know. isaacs. from the internet. also oakland.

I made npm and a bunch of the other JavaScript you probably use. 
I'm not new here.

Curious ignorance welcome. Willful ignorance will be regarded as harassment and blocked accordingly.

, I try to speak precisely and mean exactly what I say except when I'm joking.

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James Walters linux python
@[email protected]

Long-time Linux user. Python/Django developer. Taking my reluctant foray into JavaScript. Waiting to get started with Bash, C and Rust. Follower of Christ.

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Josh Pollock 🌱🌵🌲
@[email protected]

PHP, Go, JavaScript developer and Dog Enthusiast from Pittsburgh. I toot about software development and the internet. I do other types of Josh posting @Josh412 and Bluesky

👉 New eBook for WordPress developers: pluginmachine.com/course/refac 👀

🌱 he/him 🌵 vegan 🌲

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Diego / Kartones
@[email protected]

Be the change you want to see in this world • Messages expire after 5d

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It's actually me
@[email protected]

Product / Platform Engineer. JavaScript C# Serverless. Developer Advocate. Long-term Hubber.

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Nikita Karamov
@[email protected]

I write open-source Python and JavaScript to make computers go brrrr

I made (shareon.js.org) and (s2f.kytta.dev)

по-русски: @n
auf Deutsch: @n

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Matteo Collina
@[email protected]

Open Source Maintainer
🤖 Node.js Technical Steering Committee
😺 Fastify Lead
🎬 Board Member OpenJS Foundation
📈 12 billion downloads / year on npm
🚀 Co-Founder & CTO Platformatic

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Mirek Długosz 🕸️python🐛
@[email protected]

I do and

I ❤️
I use since 2006 debian
I publish code on github ⬇️

I mostly do and
I ❤️ python
I also work in javascript , rstats , bash and php

I'm formally educated in and

I prefer 📖 longer pieces, and sometimes I publish them on my ⬇️

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