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Brendan Halpin

Sociologist in Limerick

Mostly playing with unrealistic computer models of real world processes

Emacs, Stata, Shiny & Rstats, Julia, Python

Linux on the desktop since about 1997

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The S Kate M 💛💙


Other interests include: food and travel

Non-technical person with a love for science + tech
Robertson Screwdriver Owner.

Math-challenged, but find the subject interesting

Canada’s capital city

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He/him ♂️. Trophy spouse 🏆, ♾️. 🐈, 🧮️, politics 🗳, :julia:, 🎲🎮. 🏳️‍⚧️ firstnations

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Chris Lombardi

Header: Cover of book BLUE:SEASON, with art by Julia L. Kay and photo by Kyle Cassidy. Profile pic: midaged lady with cat. Journalist, novelist, aspiring anti-racist. 40+ years from MS. Bronx-born Philadelphian. .Author of BLUE: SEASON (Mumblers Press) and I AIN'T MARCHING ANYMORE (The New Press). On Twitter at @CrisAintMarchin, for now. DSA Democrat, help edit DSA mag Democratic Left Online.Also @counter.social, and [email protected]. , married to .@LinuxAndYarn

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Deborah Edwards-Oñoro

Nature-lover, birder, gardener, tennis fan.
Retired from web design & development.

Southeast Michigan, USA

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Header photo is a Julia butterfly, a large brilliant orange butterfly with wings outspread on the brim of my brown straw hat. In the shadows, you can see the back of my head. Photo taken at Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Jonathan Carroll

primarily but learning , , , , , and many others

rstats julia rust python bash

Happy to also talk , , , , and lots more

Working remotely from Adelaide, South Australia

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Julian Hofer

Numerical software engineer by 🏙️
GNOME developer by 🌃
I like languages.
Rust, Python and Julia with 💻,
German, English, Dutch and Chinese with 🧑.

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Karandeep Singh

Jacobs Chancellor’s Endowed Chair, UC San Diego. Chief Health AI Officer, UCSD Health.
. Views own.

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June Choe

PhD candidate (ABD) in Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania studying psycholinguistics, language acquisition, and pragmatics. Sometimes writing R packages (ggtrace, jlmerclusterperm).

Mostly here for rstats , julia , and 📊 . Interested in statistical computing & graphics, metaprogramming, and reproducible reports. I'm also active on the @R4DSCommunity slack.

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Jed Brown

Prof at developing fast algorithms, reliable software, and healthy communities for scientific computing (PhyPID.org) | dad/alpinist/skier/runner | he/him

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