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Ian Coldwater 📦💥

Kubernetes SIG Security co-chair, container escape artist, goose in the mainframe. Minneapolis. Stay punk 🏴

kubernetes Kubernetes

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Chris "Not So" Short 🇺🇦

Open Source Diplomat | Kubernetes Contributor | Developer Advocate | r/devopsish | Disabled Veteran | Detroit | Work @AWSOpen | He/Him/His | Views solely mine | Toots auto-delete after 3 months | Resident Engineer/Scientist/Physicist for Max, age 8

kubernetes Kubernetes opensource Open Source

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Maartje omya_ns

* Does Go, Kubernetes,eBPF, Service Mesh for a living (previously 👩‍🏫🔐🤖) (i think…)
* Train lover sncb
* Retro thinker in the weekends win3_progman 
* Open Source fanatic (previously Crazy Gopher Lady)
* Sysadmin for cute sharks BlobhajTinyHeart

Warning: there will be lots of train content 🚂

Quotes from my readers:

“Do you work for us?” - “Infrabel PR team and several NMBS employees”

“Belgiums biggest rail geek” - Braid

kubernetes Kubernetes opensource Open Source

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brandon 🌻

Ann Arborite, computerist, cat dad, best on the mountain, my initials are BAD so all my ideas are BAD ideas. . keybase.io/bdimcheff. DM for signal.

also @bdimcheff on a2mi.social for Ann Ann Arboreal things.

were a mistake but I do etc. I like in particular and in general. Have been known to .

golang Golang nix Nix kubernetes Kubernetes

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