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activitypub addict, aspiring astronaut, community creator and determined dreamer.

Building @pixelfed, an ethical and federated photo sharing platform along with @fedidb, @supapp and other fedi services.


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Shawn Hooper (he/him)
@[email protected]

Long time web developer. , mainly & . I'm an advocate for an accessible & open web. Also learning more about engineering management, security, and privacy.

I'm a conference speaker, teacher, co-organizer of WordCamp Canada. I'm the Director of Engineering and Security @ Actionable.co

I live in , Canada (Unceeded territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation)

Still sometimes do live event sound/lighting, retired Karaoke Host & Wedding DJ.

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Your official news source for the Laravel PHP Framework. By @ericlbarnes and team

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Andrew Feeney
@[email protected]

Software developer in Sydney, Australia.

Works with PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Laravel, Vue, AngularJS, Inertia, Livewire, Vapor

Enjoys TDD, CI, Algorithmic Art, Mathematics, Languages, Music Creation, Coffee

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Stephen Rees-Carter laravel
@[email protected]

Friendly Hacker, Speaker, and PHP & Laravel Security Specialist.🕵️
I hack stuff on stage for fun. 😈
I used to be found at: infosec.exchange/@valorin

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Laravel core member — created Pest, Laravel Zero, Collision, Larastan, Pint, OpenAI for PHP, PHP Insights, Termwind, and more. All views are my own.

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Andras Bacsai
@[email protected]

🛠️ Solopreneur ┆ 💜 &


I’m sharing my journey, ups, and downs, project insights, upcoming projects & everything related to , , , , , , , and .

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xubuntu Technical Lead, xfce Core Developer, linux and advocate. Friend of elementary , gnome , and kde .

Web Developer by trade. php laravel javascript react

Thoughts and opinions are my own, but generally agreeable. Happy to boost small projects!

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Software developer, newspaper publisher. , , , . Indiana, USA. He/him.

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Sander van Kasteel
@[email protected]

Laravel Developer by day, sleeping developer by night. Sometimes Python and JS. Does stuff with Home Assistant. Toots in 2 languages (NL/EN). Trying to learn Korean.

Light themes 💓
Unironically uses Comic Sans as IDE font
Deploys on Friday's blobcatknife
Leader of the pabo board.

btw I use arch.

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Proud parent to two incredible little girls. I design and build company databases, interfaces and websites. , , , , , and . 🥑 laravel

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Stefan Zweifel
@[email protected]

Web Developer ( / ) • Maker of many open source things • Minimalist • Hiking in the alps • 🇨🇭🏳️‍🌈 he/him

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Chris⚡️Arter 🤘
@[email protected]

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Dad 
 💻 Sr. Vibe Engineer 
 🎨 Artisan
🌶 Meme Curator 
🐸 ItIsWednesday.com creator 🔪 Meeting killer

I toot mostly about tech, but plenty of non-tech stuff like: motorsports, leftist politics, parenting, career, gaming & movies.

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Óscar J. Baeza vm
@[email protected]

PHP & backend engineer, early bird fitboxer, old-school podcaster, synesthete & true neutral.

Tech, food, sci-fi, (cosmic) horror, sneakers & low-profile mechanical keyboards.

Also known as OJ.

vm php laravel symfony xbox nintendo

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Claudio Dekker
@[email protected]

Artisan @LaravelPHP ❯ Open-source enthusiast ❯ VILT is my stack ❯ PGP 08FD B44B 6D63 2021 5D1E E8C1 3025 FFE2 33CC C24B

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Out of Control laravel 🇨🇦
@[email protected]

PHP/Laravel tinkerer, SysOps, Woodworking procrastinator, old house renovator, raised on an Apple orchard, living around Québec

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Beau Simensen – phpc.social
@[email protected]
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Yusuf Bouzekri
@[email protected]

I also go by Joseph sometimes.

Web Artisan laravel Gopher golang full-time linux user

Aside from tech stuff: I like board games, genealogy and hiking.

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Eric Van Johnson phparch
@[email protected]

Company: php[architect] phparch
Podcaster: phpugly @phpugly | phproundtable @phproundtable | php[podcast]

I am one of the great team members behind php[architect] and do my best to make PHP and the PHP Community a little better. I enjoy drinking Scotch and watching baseball. My thoughts and posts are my own.

My toolbox
php php8 laravel elephpant python phpstorm neovim popos

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Lead developer at Kirschbaum. Building Filament to boost your Laravel productivity beyond what you thought was possible 🤘

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UK based full stack web developer & open source fan, working on @bookstack.
Enjoy hiking around, cats and technology.

Toots about open source maintainership & licensing, cats, PHP, Laravel, and the open web.

Following people only, no company/brand/project accounts.

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Julio J. 🀲
@[email protected]

engineer, & tinkerer,

I like and other weird things.

ES 🌎 @j3j5

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CodeByJeff - Now with AI!
@[email protected]

Badger living in Japan

I program stuff and drink beer

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Full Stack Developer @ Spatie • Building Mailcoach • Love working with Laravel, Statamic & React.js

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Joel Clermont
@[email protected]

Organizer of Milwaukee PHP. Co-host of No Compromises . Helping and developers level up their skills.

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A collection of beautiful full-stack components for Laravel. The perfect starting point for your next app. Using Livewire, Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS.

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Marcus Bointon
@[email protected]

Skier, biker, PHP coder, PHPMailer maintainer, Laravel fan, sysadmin, pentester, privacy advocate, speaker, baker, Stack Overflow answerer, DBA, guitarist, daddy, in French alps

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The CMS developers actually want to use. Statamic can run traditional, headless, flat file, or as an SSG. Powered by Laravel. Rad since 2012.

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Dan 🦺 Deboer
@[email protected]

Both sets of grandparents came to from shortly after WW2. My parents were both born here in , and I live in (where a lot of the & clan still resides).

While most of my extended family are Evangelical/Fundamentalist, I am not part of that spiritual & intellectual dead end.

I write programs with code. That code is often and /#TypeScript, often leveraging and .

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Développement web, vélo, musique, dessin, 3D, cinéma

Réarmeur démographique de niveau 3

Les sideprojects du moment :
- un client Mastodon statuzer.com
- une app pour vous aider à arrêter la voiture bikeeveryday.wizital.com
Mais aussi:
- un jeu de course
- un calculateur d'itinéraires vélo + train
- un DAW en ligne

💙 🚴‍♂️

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Tim Van Dijck
@[email protected]

developer living in Belgium.
Advocating for an open internet.

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Laravel Builder, Craft CMS Lover, Kirby CMS Believer and now Rust learner.

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Johannes Schuba
@[email protected]

Web Developer 👨‍💻 and stuff. Mostly hacking into a keyboard, often gravel biking through northern Germany 🚵‍♂️ or heading north with a VW Bus. 🚌💨 Ex journalist ZEIT ONLINE / t3n.

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🧑‍💻 Developer of open source products: github.com/monicahq/monica and others.

Main stack: , , , , the usual.

I use Mastodon to talk about my OSS projects, general web development and give opinions on and .

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Stack Over-Flo
@[email protected]

👨‍🎓 MSc. IT Systems Engineering @ HPI
👩‍💻 Web-Focused Full-Stack-Developer ( )
🖨 Druckt Dinge in 3D ( )
🇩🇪🇺🇸 Deutsch/English

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Laravel Artisan. Statamic fanboy. SQLite stan.

Building NativePHP & running Laradir

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A movie-loving, bike-riding, full-stack web developer from the UK.

I love writing HTML, CSS & JavaScript as well as PHP and MySQL. Laravel and Tailwind are my frameworks of choice.

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Web developer with Go, PHP/Laravel, Javascript/Vue and various Linux. Building @vikunja. he/him

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Aaron Bushnell
@[email protected]

Programmer, dad, golden retriever hoarder. Writing and building with and

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🧑‍💻 Full Stack Developer
🚀 Laravel, Filament, Livewire, Vue, Inertia
🌍 Germany

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@[email protected]





smiled_shiro confused_kyoji smiled_kohaku

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Im Pott geschlüpfter und in Bonn gereifter, linksgrünversiffter (Fullstack: , , und etwas eingestaubt) auf Jobsuche.


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Gift Hero guy. I love Laravel/PHP, baking and cooking, my dog, and hastily writing bios

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Let's improve the web development ecosystem 🗺️

💻 We organize events, conferences and informal meetings involving Italian and international professionals. Since 2003.

👾 Our conferences are about: and more!

📢 Become our speaker: grusp.org/en/speakers/

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I'm Ollie, and I write PHP content and open-source code when i'm not working as a PHP contractor.

Big Laravel fan!

Multitenancy is my thing; ask me about it.

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Studied and now lectures Computer Science at fhvorarlberg, coorganizes VlbgWebDev and AgentConf, programming in , , , , .

Currently working at Yummy Publishing, previously valantic, Sulu and MASSIVE ART.

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Working in / development and . Recreationally, a / , and general / person.

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Code cowboy by day, star gazer by night. Proud ADHD advocate. Loves creating and exploring. Currently building Sparkle for Laravel. Flips knives for fun.

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