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CodeByJeff - Now with AI!

Badger living in Japan

I program stuff and drink beer

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Reclusive guy in the great who's experiencing life with an awesome family. , developer, , godless .

I use adult language but I also care about people's triggers. I want to make friends online, not be a stupid edge lord.



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Julio J. 🀲

engineer, & tinkerer,

I like and other weird things.

ES 🌎 @j3j5

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activitypub addict, aspiring astronaut, community creator and determined dreamer.

Building @pixelfed, an ethical and federated photo sharing platform along with @fedidb, @supapp and other fedi services.


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Ex-Mothertrucker wird zur .
Das hier ist @walsonde⁠s seriöslicher Account für alle IT-bezogenen Themen.

Hat mal und angefasst. Lernt gerade . Gehört zur seltenen Gattung derjenigen, die nicht verabscheuen (besonders in Verbindung mit und ).

Interessiert sich für ßeibersecurity. Wenn Ihr einen AZAV-zertifizierten Kurs in Teilzeit und remote kennt, der mir Jobchancen ermöglicht, schreibt mir bitte.


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Dan 🦺 Deboer

Both sets of grandparents came to from shortly after WW2. My parents were both born here in , and I live in (where a lot of the & clan still resides).

While most of my extended family are Evangelical/Fundamentalist, I am not part of that spiritual & intellectual dead end.

I write programs with code. That code is often and /#TypeScript, often leveraging and .

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Óscar J. Baeza vm

PHP & backend engineer, early bird fitboxer, old-school podcaster, synesthete & true neutral.

Tech, food, sci-fi, (cosmic) horror, sneakers & low-profile mechanical keyboards.

Also known as OJ.

vm php laravel symfony icon_xbox nintendo

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Stefan Zweifel

Web Developer ( / ) • Maker of many open source things • Minimalist • Hiking in the alps • 🇨🇭🏳️‍🌈 he/him

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Marcus Bointon

Skier, biker, PHP coder, PHPMailer maintainer, Laravel fan, sysadmin, pentester, privacy advocate, speaker, baker, Stack Overflow answerer, DBA, guitarist, daddy, in French alps

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Hier wird über Produktivität, Projektmanagement, Trends aus den Bereichen Web, Technologie und Social Media geschrieben. Ich versuche meine persönlichen Erfahrungen mit euch zu teilen.


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