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System76 popos ubuntu

We make powerful Linux computers to help you do more, go further, and unleash your potential.

linux Linux

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Kali Linux

Kali Linux, The Most Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution. Ever.

linux Linux

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Linux distribution aiming to democratize server administration


N.B : this account is not for support or bug-tracking ...
see yunohost.org/#/help

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Gina Häußge

Passionate code monkey 🐒 Geek 👩‍💻 Gamer 🎮 Hobby baker 👩‍🍳 Creator & maintainer of OctoPrint 🐙 GitHub Star 🌟 PSF Fellow 🐍

Located close to Frankfurt in Germany. Fluent in German and English.

This is my main account on the Fediverse.

I also happen to run plushies.social and am one half of the @dzoc.

python Python javascript JavaScript opensource Open Source linux Linux

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I'm an open-source/Linux exclusive artist. Creating music and sound effects. Sharing my knowledge and passion through videos. Proving open-source for pro-audio.

Also a game developer and project lead at libla.st

opensource Open Source linux Linux

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