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Husband, father, US Army veteran, IT specialist, school bus driver, diesel mechanic, tech, security, Linux and free software enthusiast, gamer, dog lover.

opensource Open Source linux Linux

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it's goatin time 🏳️‍⚧️

trans guy migrating from other social media. so tired

IT working trans guy living in the SE US. on testosterone, very queer. super mental illness HD DX 2

interested in random tech shit, video games, steam deck, Linux, queer history.

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Luke Stockwell

Dad, CAD Monkey, Linux Mint, Dogs, games, woodwork. He/Him

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Fedora Project fedora

This is the official feed for the Fedora Project, a global free & open source software community sponsored by Red Hat.

We make Fedora Linux - an innovative free & open source operating system for computers, clouds, containers, and other hardware platforms.

opensource Open Source linux Linux

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Stefen Auris 🖖​

This account features my thoughts on Technology, Science, and other thoughtful topics. I will endeavor to provide thoughtful discourse. This is, after all, a vessel of exploration in my banner!

My name Stefen is a portmanteau of Steven and Fennec, but it's still pronounced like Steven :3
My last name Auris is Latin for ear. Fitting huh? X3

Friendly DevOps Tech Fen here!
Open source advocate. Linux lover. Amateur Archivist.
Sci-Fi: Star Trek, Doctor Who

opensource Open Source linux Linux

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Rachel Rawlings

🐧Linux sysadmin, infosec aficionado, occasional writer, genx emo kid, 🏳️‍🌈️old married lesbian, 🏳️‍⚧️️24 years post, ⚾️Phillies phan phorever, ⚽ever hopeful WNBA & NWSL will give us a franchise. she/her/yo 💙️💛️ Black and trans lives matter. Full stop.

I am avoiding birdsite trauma and *will* reject follow requests from people who have no posts. Don't take it personally.

infosec on-topic account: @linuxandyarn

linux Linux

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Andrew Stuart

Go, Kubernetes, Linux, dev tooling, gaming, photography, whatever.

linux Linux

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Conan the Sysadmin

Warrior, thief, smuggler, king, knows that running su is like picking up a heavy and very sharp axe.

linux Linux

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