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I work with mac and linux - I also write the odd app or two

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new no new age advanced ambient motor music machine.

/ , . I love as a way to explore (also ) and . Not scared of Public Transport, and favour . Into -es (inc ) and for 30 years, along with and hosting for others - I appreciate the _distributed_ nature of the Internet. I'm here for the community, not the daily drama/outrage, and post/boost accordingly.

(previously on mastodon.xyz)

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Dave 🧠

Senior Software Engineer. Linux user. FPV drone racing pilot. Whiskey/Coffee drinker. Tech enthusiast.

I also drink way too much Coke No Sugar.

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33 22 1 year ago

Glen Turner (VK5TU)

Life: cycling, bushwalking, amateur radio, Linux tinkering, VK5TU.
Work: network engineering, systems programming, technical team leadership.
Location: Adelaide, Australia.
You're welcome to use the content without attribution; except for art like photos and films. Get in touch if they're not marked with a copyright license you find useful.
Posts SFW with M-rated language at times.

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Ilia Frenkel archlinux

Technology nerd, amateur photographer and father. 📷
Melbourne, AU, he_him, 🇦🇺 /🇮🇱 /🇷🇺

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27 26 1 year, 1 month ago

Luke Stockwell

Dad, CAD Monkey, Linux Mint, Dogs, games, woodwork. He/Him

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John Mann

Born 316 ppm CO2.
Climate Emergency and transition to Renewables.
Collector of old measuring/calculating devices.
Linux, IPv6 and network automation.
"Turning everything up to F"

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