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and (and few others) with an interest in machine learning.

I will share

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python Python javascript JavaScript react React nextjs Next.js

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[email protected]

Peter is an independent software consultant, and a technology leader in full stack software development. More recently, Peter has authored courses for Pluralsight.com covering JavaScript, React and .Net. 11 time Microsoft MVP
Organizer siliconvalley-codecamp.com

Bio text apparently not searchable, so
 Thanks to those learning 🐘 in public! Tech interests:

javascript JavaScript react React nextjs Next.js dotnet .NET

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Tim Mikeladze

I'm life

🔬🥼 I work with , and . Building apps is my jam

🌊 ⚓ Traveling full-time since 2021. I've lived in 🇦🇱 Albania, 🇬🇪 Georgia, 🇹🇷 Turkey, and 🇺🇦 Ukraine

🌧️ ☕ is my home base

⛰️ 🧗‍♂️ is cool

💻 🚀 Incrementing my commit streak one day at a time

python Python javascript JavaScript react React nextjs Next.js opensource Open Source

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