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Robert Roskam
@[email protected]

Deliberately eclectic.

I like making stuff with code and getting people to come along with me. Making stuff with friends is more fun.

I tend to write stuff in and /#vue these days with bits of tossed in. But I’ve done my share of /#nextjs too.

Engineer and Manager at pantheon.io

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Hey hey! I'm a full-stack product developer in Salt Lake City, UT. I love enlivening experiences, visualizing data, and making playful websites.

🧑‍💻 Formerly Course Director @ Code School.
📚 Currently founder @ hardcover.app

✏️ I write about personal growth, building websites ( ), , , , recovering from an ACL tear, and awkwardly posting on TikTok (😂).

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valhalla_dev (Mitch)
@[email protected]

Software developer, freelancer, SaaS entrepreneur wannabe. Posts about and software development.

Web development
Web3, but not the scammy kind
Information security
Decentralized tech
Web scraping

Novice gardener, focused on sustainable micro-agriculture.

Some flavor of left libertarian, but political labels mostly suck. Occasional political posts.

Trying to build and do things to leave a better world for my kids.

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Dom Habersack
@[email protected]

🖥 Freelance web developer, part-time IndieHacker 
⌨️ I mostly do development with , , , , and 
🏗 When I’m not working on client projects, I on Twitch

📍 Munich, Germany

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Peter is an independent software consultant, and a technology leader in full stack software development. More recently, Peter has authored courses for Pluralsight.com covering JavaScript, React and .Net. 11 time Microsoft MVP
Organizer siliconvalley-codecamp.com

Bio text apparently not searchable, so
 Thanks to those learning 🐘 in public! Tech interests:

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Daniel, founder of js-craft.io
@[email protected]

I’m Daniel, a frontend developer. I like computers. I try to make them like me back. I like humans. I think every person has value, intelligence, and good inside. I believe that education is the key to building a better, stable, and richer world.

👨‍💻 www.js-craft.io

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Car Nerd, Technology Nerd. Food Nerd. General Nerd. Currently super into . Maybe next.

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Hey, I'm Jon, an 18-year-old enthusiast. I started learning programming at age 12 and has become my passion.

👨‍💻 I'm working with , , , , and .

📱 Currently, I'm working on fatiguediary.ch - an app for patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome ().


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Forrest Tanaka
@[email protected]

Javascript/React/Next.js developer on the Stanford University staff (IGVF, ENCODE).

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Page of Moths
@[email protected]

artist, game/asset developer, 90's kid at heart

I share project updates, and boost interesting/neat/cute things.

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I'm Martin, a software engineer helping NGOs with the tech side of their projects.

I started WRKS as my side project in a movement to build a platform-less network where artists can focus on quality and supporters get a chance to build their own indie label.

I love to talk , so you'll hear about my progress here or at my Czech account @mwenisch (Use @IceCubesApp for translations)

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Bertrand Presles
@[email protected]

Developer, and architect and lead developer. lover. . Proud @[email protected] supporter. Member and user of the .

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Full stack developer turning full-time front end developer. Also have an interest in Embedded systems. Hoping for a social site that's more meaningfully interactive.

[ , - , ]
[ , ]
[ , ]
[ , , ]
[ , , ]
[ - Prog, Metal, , ]

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🏃💻 Running and coding. Made raceday.me and runverter.io.

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Technical director at Mutual. Posts and other web dev stuff.

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React, NextJS, serverless and ❤️ Ruby on Rails developer. Entrepreneur, Consultant, Father of 3 awesome kids in Denver. Swiss. Loves coding.

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Frontend-focused Principal Software Engineer

Creator of...

🦕 Browserosaurus - For multi-browser users

♻️ Plastic Theme - A simple syntax and UI theme for

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Hey! I'm Honza a.k.a. (on the web) . I'm a senior full-stack web developer with experience spreading over Gutenberg editor and NextJS.

Web: crs1138.me

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Leon Frommberger
@[email protected]

Music & movie junkie. Tech geek. Constantly exploring new tech trends & innovations.


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Hi! I'm Mircea (a.k.a. Mikko). I'm a software dev and (hobbyist) photographer.

Currently a frontend dev, using NextJS. In the past I've also done fullstack stuff, including mobile app stuff ( Expo my beloved ).
Currently learning Go, Turso and Astro.

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