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Sal Rahman
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Daniel, founder of js-craft.io

I’m Daniel, a frontend developer. I like computers. I try to make them like me back. I like humans. I think every person has value, intelligence, and good inside. I believe that education is the key to building a better, stable, and richer world.

👨‍💻 www.js-craft.io

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Technical director at Mutual. Posts and other web dev stuff.

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Dom Habersack

🖥 Freelance web developer, part-time IndieHacker 
⌨️ I mostly do development with , , , , and 
🏗 When I’m not working on client projects, I on Twitch

📍 Munich, Germany

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valhalla_dev (Mitch)

Software developer, freelancer, SaaS entrepreneur wannabe. Posts about and software development.

Web development
Web3, but not the scammy kind
Information security
Decentralized tech
Web scraping

Novice gardener, focused on sustainable micro-agriculture.

Some flavor of left libertarian, but political labels mostly suck. Occasional political posts.

Trying to build and do things to leave a better world for my kids.

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Forrest Tanaka

Javascript/React/Next.js developer on the Stanford University staff (IGVF, ENCODE).

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🏃💻 Running and coding. Made raceday.me and runverter.io.

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Will Stone

Frontend-focused Principal Software Engineer

Creator of...

🦕 Browserosaurus - For multi-browser users

♻️ Plastic Theme - A simple syntax and UI theme for

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Car Nerd, Technology Nerd. Food Nerd. General Nerd. Currently super into . Maybe next.

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Adam Fortuna

Hey hey! I'm a full-stack product developer in Salt Lake City, UT. I love enlivening experiences, visualizing data, and making playful websites.

🧑‍💻 Formerly Course Director @ Code School.
📚 Currently founder @ hardcover.app

✏️ I write about personal growth, building websites ( ), , , , recovering from an ACL tear, and awkwardly posting on TikTok (😂).

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