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NGI Zero open source funding

NGI Zero is a grant making programme for R&D within free and open source technology, coordinated by NLnet Foundation in collab with @fsfe, @APC, @ps, @techcultivation, @ros, @fsi, @nixos_org, Tolerant Networks, HAN University, Brno University, APELL, ISOC.ch, OW2, OFE & more | delivers technology for the

Image: Christofer Jeschke via Unsplash.

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Husband 💍 Father 👨‍👩‍👧 Open source advocate ❤️‍🔥 Linux enthusiast 🐧 Podcaster 🎙 Streamer 📡 YouTuber 📺 Making Nix easier at Determinate Systems ❄ Leads Ubuntu MATE 🧉

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Susan Potter

Antifascist, fractional-CTO, and polyglot software engineer (, , , , , , , ) with focus on building and scaling infrastructure, platforms and SaaS products end-to-end.

Tolerates writing for good money.

Has a penchant for , , , thinking.

Immigrant, gay af, she/her.

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brandon 🌻

Ann Arborite, computerist, cat dad, best on the mountain, my initials are BAD so all my ideas are BAD ideas. . keybase.io/bdimcheff. DM for signal.

also @bdimcheff on a2mi.social for Ann Ann Arboreal things.

were a mistake but I do etc. I like in particular and in general. Have been known to .

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Anti. 🐘

★ Es gibt nix Gutes, ausser 😷 toot es
★ Boosted means boss move
★ Weckt mich wenn Revolution ist
★ Alpaca 🦙 Ozelot 🐆 Axolotl 🦎
★ Allen alles
★ Auf allen Spektren

Community care for mental health, mutual aid for all.

Life is difficult in these times, feel free to ask me for help.

write: D/E/F/ read: Sp/It/Port

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❄️ NixOS 🤩 (Security, Infra, Python and Release-Manager 22.11/23.05)

Day: Network & Infrastructure.
Night: FOSS, Home Automation

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Elias Probst

and fanboy & contributor (, , )

hopelessly idealistic - realistically pessimistic

values science & facts over feelgood-ism

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Emily Trau 🏳️‍⚧️

nix type of gay. sometimes i ctf. she/her
📍 melbourne, straya

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Jake Hamilton

🙋‍♂️ They/He

JavaScript fanboy and expert in bug creation. I also do Nix things.

Be excellent to each other.

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🇺🇦 haxadecimal

(SW Defined Radio)

HP calculator simulation at microcode level
Maker (with John Doran) of Nixie tube RPN calculators
CHM PDP-1 Restoration Team
Damned dirty ape
Call sign N2ES
cis male
Not a tame programmer
in , not far from

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