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Dave Anderson

Software developer by day (Tailscale), other kinds of nerd the rest of the time. ADHD says current hobbies are 3D printers, building CNC machines, tinkering with NixOS, and general shitposting on whatever grabs my interest.

Nazis, TERFs, other terrible people: please go away, there's nothing for you here.

nix Nix

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Husband 💍 Father 👨‍👩‍👧 Open source advocate ❤️‍🔥 Linux enthusiast 🐧 Podcaster 🎙 Streamer 📡 YouTuber 📺 Making Nix easier at Determinate Systems ❄ Leads Ubuntu MATE 🧉

nix Nix opensource Open Source linux Linux

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opinionated lurker of the intarwebs.

used to write code, still do. c/c++, java, php, js, c#, gdscript (godot), gnawed on sql, sparql
embedded, ios, mac, *nix, & windows billions of years ago.

tech, graphics, anything STEM
anything anthropology, history, linguistics
anything blender, gimp (although i scream using it), audacity
enjoys using feet/limbs
prefers not to be run over by cars

I drink Philz.

I do a (non-monetized) video or so a week on yt.

javascript JavaScript java Java csharp C# cpp C++ php PHP nix Nix

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brandon 🌻

Ann Arborite, computerist, cat dad, best on the mountain, my initials are BAD so all my ideas are BAD ideas. . keybase.io/bdimcheff. DM for signal.

also @bdimcheff on a2mi.social for Ann Ann Arboreal things.

were a mistake but I do etc. I like in particular and in general. Have been known to .

golang Golang nix Nix

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Anti. 🐘

★ Es gibt nix Gutes, ausser 😷 toot es
★ Boosted means boss move
★ Weckt mich wenn Revolution ist
★ Alpaca 🦙 Ozelot 🐆 Axolotl 🦎
★ Allen alles
★ Auf allen Spektren

Community care for mental health, mutual aid for all.

Life is difficult in these times, feel free to ask me for help.

write: D/E/F/ read: Sp/It/Port

nix Nix

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Steven Harris | OSINT & Cyber Security Specialist | Investigator | Teach OSINT at SANS | Previously @OSINTCurious | Twitter: (twitter.com/nixintel) |

Website: www.nixintel.info

nix Nix

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