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I am blobcat_hertog I study game development at GLU.
I fucking love godot , nix and mango juice.

blobcat_hertog is queer Fire_Bisexual

Feel free to interact with my posts however you wish (as long as it doesn't break my instance's rules and for the lewd/nsfw stuff you are not a minor).
If I dislike it I will tell you.
If I hate it I will probably block you.
If I love your response though I will favourite and or boost the fuck out of it be warned I am like fucking evil spirit I will haunt your account.

Any lewd or nsfw posts/comments I make are lighthearted or jokingly I am quite private about those things if I cross a line let me know though

Of course we do not have to agree with each other.

You and I both just have our views that's all.
I prefer the ways of the water and the wind.

Who watches the watchmen?

Free as in freedom thus also as in price

Met een vleugje zuivel

maxwell maxwell

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🇺🇦 haxadecimal
@[email protected]

(SW Defined Radio)

HP calculator simulation at microcode level
Maker (with John Doran) of Nixie tube RPN calculators
CHM PDP-1 Restoration Team
Damned dirty ape
Call sign N2ES
cis male
Not a tame programmer
in , not far from

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and fanboy & contributor (, , )

hopelessly idealistic - realistically pessimistic

values science & facts over feelgood-ism

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Thing i love :
- Birds of all kind they are all so cute
- furry art
- monsters, horror, eldritch entities
- music (electro, hip hop, jazz, funk, trip-hop, post rock, dark ambience, dance, etc...)
- cooking, especially making cakes and biscuits
- books
- starting project (and never finishing them)

I work as a dotnet dev doing some dev ops too.

hatch year is 1995

Please have a bios or some post before following, if not you will be considered as a suspicious account and might be blocked.

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🎄🏳️‍🌈🎃🇧🇷Luana🇧🇷🎃🏳️‍🌈 verified
@[email protected]

• She/Her • 19 • 🇧🇷, talk 🇧🇷🇬🇧 • Valve & FOSS fangirl • Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ • 🏳️‍🌈 Lesbian ⚢ •

Loves , , and . everything. user.



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Passionate about technology, Open source and long time Linux user. Into DevOps, self-hosting, home automation, retro-gaming, NixOS and Rust.

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> Intrinsic proofs require work, for Extrinsic proofs there s Curry Howard correspondence

all content CC BY-SA 4.0
> boosts are FYI and so re many toots

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★ Es gibt nix Gutes, ausser 😷 toot es
★ Boosted means boss move
★ Weckt mich wenn Revolution ist
★ Alpaca 🦙 Ozelot 🐆 Axolotl 🦎
★ Allen alles
★ Auf allen Spektren

Community care for mental health, mutual aid for all.

Life is difficult in these times, feel free to ask me for help.

write: D/E/F/ read: Sp/It/Port

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@[email protected]

Essen und Radfahren
Essen mit dem Lastenrad rankarren

Und natürlich: Brot!

Folgeanfragen werden nur angenommen, wenn ich so ungefähr erahnen kann, warum Du mir folgen willst. Und auch dann nur, wenn sonst nix dagegen spricht :-P

Bildbeschreibung Header: Auf einer Seebrücke am Meer steht ein Lastenrad mit Tourengepäck.

Bildbeschreibung Profilbild: Nussschnecken auf einem Kuchengitter.

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Emil "AngryAnt" Johansen
@[email protected]

Systemic Tinkerer, Logic Juggler.

, ,
@framebunker, ex @GameAINorth, ex @unity. Occasional @nixos_org contributor.

Phrases opinions badly, blocks dumb shit.

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Jake Hamilton
@[email protected]

🙋‍♂️ They/He

JavaScript fanboy and expert in bug creation. I also do Nix things.

Be excellent to each other.

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@[email protected]

Tech by the people, for the people.

Washing up ⌨️ washing up sorting socks raspberrypi 🗜️ ⚙️ taxi service ubuntu shopping
⚛️ cooking 🧮 homework 🧘🏻‍♂️
Pro nouns: but verbs are good too if used right. :meshtastic: 🦀 rust debian nixos

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-y golem rolling on and wheels.

Profile pic shamefully derived from work stolen from unknown artists through a power-hungry statistical engine financed by exploited workers and trained by unpaid hands.

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lol. femboy.
i make stuff sometimes


I love programming, math, science, and linguistics

.NET shill turned Rust shill turned Nix shill

(deprecated username; may relocate in the future. ETA varies based on procrastination)

I don't post images without alt text. I also try not to boost posts without no alt text or with very unhelpful alt text

i speak english, toki pona, swedish, norwegian

hugs and kisses welcome

longer bio on my webbed site

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Bohn Temps Streams+Videos
@[email protected]

Inoffizieller "Was ist los bei und - Bot"


Folgt ihm also, wenn Ihr keine Sendung verpassen wollt.

Nix, aber auch echt gar nix verbindet den Bot mit den Rocket Beans (außer vielleicht der Tatsache, dass der auch aus Hamburg stammt 😉)

[Programmiert von @guacamole ]

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Environmental Scientist/Meteorologist @umphy. Built a low-cost CO₂ sensor network to monitor natural CO₂ emissions: doi.org/10.1127/metz/2022/1125 ☁️

tux nixos

pine64 arduino raspberrypi

vim git gitannex latex openscad prusaslicer



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I'm very interested in free software and licensing of art and the written word. I'm a member-owner of a local brewpub cooperative. I use SDF and Tilde pub-nixes as well as self host what I can.

At 19:00 UTC Monday through Friday I'm on AnonRadio.net doing a 30 minute news show. I read news I've found around the web.

My preferred pronouns are He/Him/His.

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Functional roboticist. 
Robots, Haskell, Rust, nix, emacs, FPV… and the rest of life, too.

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Sr. Estegosaurio 🦕
@[email protected]

A random from Europe, informatic wannabe.
Really interested in programming, privacy, security & philosophy. Plus other cool things.

anarchism ancomheart

Currently struggling with nixos.

Don't be shy, I only have my account private due to bots and stuff. I don't bite. (most of the time).

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Andrew Tropin
@[email protected]

Hack on operating systems and programming languages. He/Him.

Improve tooling for Guile and GNU Guix.

74830A276C328EC2 at keyserver.ubuntu.com and keys.openpgp.org.

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Marmar ❄️
@[email protected]

Hey there, welcome to my profile! I may not post much, but this is my main social media prescence.

What I am:
- unfortunate victim to &
- player
- Emu stan
- photographer wannabe
- procrastinator
- sleep enjoyer

Banner by @[email protected] at tumblr.com/sunkupng/7486825804


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Inmitten aller Herausforderungen entdeckte ich meine große Leidenschaft für die Hobbyfotografie. Das Einfangen von Momenten und das Spiel mit Licht und Farben faszinieren mich immer wieder aufs Neue. Wenn du noch mehr über mich erfahren möchtest, frag einfach nach!

Wichtig. No = No boost. Inklusion statt Nixklusion.

Header: Face of a black cat
Profile: Bumblebee sitting on a blossom (monochrome image)

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enthusiast who programs for fun ( ). I'm super into and , and have insanely large collections for each. I occasionally make things in . I'm also a activist, to a fault really.

Some notable software I've made or co-developed include, but aren't limited to; rsfetch (info fetch program -- essentially a playground for nixinfo), nixinfo (system info lib), and crust (a shell).

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Rust 🦀 NixOS ❄️ YouTube 📺 Palestine 🇵🇸


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Hello, my name is Henry Hiles, Full Stack Developer. I have extensive experience with React, SolidJS, Node.js, and ASP.NET Razor Pages. I have used my Node.js knowledge to create QuadraticBot 2.0, a giveaway bot for discord. For more projects, check out my GitHub profile. I am into , , , and .

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Fractional-CTO, and polyglot software engineer (, , , , , , , ) with focus on building and scaling infrastructure, platforms and SaaS products end-to-end.

Tolerates writing for good money.

Has a penchant for , , , .

Antifascist, immigrant, gay af, she/her.

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❄️ 🐧 enthusiast, 📻 operator, user.

Mostly another guy that likes hacker things.

I also have a strong respect for both human and non-human animals. for the animals and the planet 🌱🌍


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Where there's a Will there's a way.

PhD (Computer Science) @ UIUC

Tags (?):

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I am a mathematical physicist and work as a software developer at Heilmann Software.

I spend most of my time coding , , , am a co-maintainer of nixpkgs.haskellPackages and a member of the Steering Committee. Apart from that I love choir singing, ballroom dancing and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Try out my projects:


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❄️ NixOS 🤩 (Security, Infra, Python and Release-Manager 22.11/23.05)

Day: Network & Infrastructure.
Night: FOSS, Home Automation

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ZoeOeoZ AKA Nixx
@[email protected]

I paint and grow things. I am consumed by all things Scandinavian, Astrophysics, and Gardening. I might be into power tools. She/Her/Who Dat?

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Some lefti AFD, NixOS nixos, Linux tux, Chaos fairydust

Don't be afraid of colorful flags progress_pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🚩🏴

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NGI Zero open source funding
@[email protected]

NGI Zero is a grant making programme for R&D within free and open source technology, coordinated by NLnet Foundation in collab with @fsfe, @APC, @ps, @techcultivation, @ros, @fsi, @nixos_org, Tolerant Networks, HAN University, Brno University, APELL, ISOC.ch, OW2, OFE & more | delivers technology for the

Image: Christofer Jeschke via Unsplash.

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Artur Wawrowski
@[email protected]

SysAdmin, Qt C++ dev, python automation tinkerer. Motorcycle rider.

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Three anxious sysadmins in a trenchcoat. DevOpsSec mercenary.

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Frédéric Menou
@[email protected]

I mostly pouet about software development, do bad puns, and troll acquaintances. Also , , and alikes.

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opensource advocate, technologist_m enthusiast, software developer and proud gnu / linux user. Loves Rust and in the JavaScript web framework world SvelteKit and Vue.js.

Currently nixos user.

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Science fanboy.

Software developer, previously software tester. , , . Some , , and (Ti-83)

Otherwise interested in , , , , , TLA+, and / .

Ran a troup for a while.

Speaks Dutch, English, German, some French, and a tiny bit of Mandarin and Spanish.

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Edmund Miller
@[email protected]

PhD Candidate @ UT Dallas in the Functional Genomics Lab
nf-core maintainer
Office mate to @monimiller


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Husband 💍 Father 👨‍👩‍👧 Open source advocate ❤️‍🔥 Linux enthusiast 🐧 Podcaster 🎙 Streamer 📡 YouTuber 📺 Making Nix easier at Determinate Systems ❄ Leads Ubuntu MATE 🧉

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I like writing software, , and 
Author/maintainer of

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I'm really into electronics, Linux, opensource, and tinkering.
I love my SteamDeck ! It's insane how good it is.

I'm really enjoying several sub genres of Rock music at the moment, but honestly I like all music.

I absolutely love Tattoos, currently I have a full sleeve and mostly a full back in Japanese style.

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Arson, the Copper Flame
@[email protected]

nonbinary_flag demiboy_flag polyamory_flag • floof derg making computers do cursed things • punches NixOS so hard that it runs on Windows

• Avatar by nitter.net/Sir_Lorart

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Stéphan Kochen
@[email protected]

I like building things for the web! Hope that's okay. (he/him)

Author of castling.club, & enthousiast.

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Love, peace, open source 💕
Alternative me: @gd

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Old fart interested in Nix/NixOS

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Sofie 🏳️‍🌈
@[email protected]

Ops @ Hachyderm | NixOS maintainer | Circuit wrangler


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