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Interested in augmentation


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Software Developer, currently creating theme and template websites for sale and sharing what I've learned about it.

I am interested in moving the web forward, so I read and share a lot about , , , , , , and .

I am also interested in languages like , , , , and .

I like languages like , , too.

I am a , believer, and advocate.

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Programming Languages Researcher/PhD student at NUS/British Indian 3rd Generation Immigrant (TCK)

I'm 100% lost... ... :(

I also have an account at [email protected]!

Website: gopiandcode.uk
Gitlab: gitlab.com/gopiandcode
Github: github.com/gopiandcode

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Lesley Lai

Computer Graphics & Programming Languages person.

I twoot about languages like C, C++, Rust, JS/TS, and OCaml.

I organize two online meetups: @graphicsmeetup and Programming Languages Virtual Meetup


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I like:

Aspiring long distance

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Anurag Soni

Recent transplant from to the metro area. I'm a Software Engineer. My current Interests are in OCaml, network protocols, RPC systems, Observability and data platforms.

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Open-source platform dedicated to the analysis of source code written in C, featuring:
- an abstract interpretation based analysis (Eva);
- a program proof framework based on deductive verification (WP);
- a runtime verification tool (E-ACSL);
- many tools for code base exploration, dependency analysis, slicing…

Based on formal methods, developed mainly in OCaml.

This account is used by Frama-C team members for technical (and not so technical) discussions, announcements, user support, etc.

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Edwin Török


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Jason P 🇺🇦

Programming languages, compilers, , , , a little , some music


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When I don't go down rabbit holes, I sometimes do something useful. OCaml.org maintainer.

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