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HoldMyType- main :: [Response]

On my desk functions are 1st class citizens
denotations of expressions may be functions from environments and stores to
expressible values-there is no need to return the current store, as it is unchanged.
overlay =A(e E Env, e' E Env). Ale EIde. [idov, AX E 0. e'(l)](e(I))
E Env xEnv --+Env
haskell fsf emacs ocaml

haskell Haskell ocaml OCaml

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Software Developer, currently creating theme and template websites for sale and sharing what I've learned about it.

I am interested in moving the web forward, so I read and share a lot about , , , , , , and .

I am also interested in languages like , , , , and .

I like languages like , , too.

I am a , believer, and advocate.

python Python javascript JavaScript rust Rust haskell Haskell ocaml OCaml

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Marshall Abrams

Philosopher of science and occasional scientist. Mainly philosophy of evolutionary biology, philosophy of probability, implications of modeling and statistical inference in evolutionary biology. New book, Evolution and the Machinery of Chance, 2023. Sometimes I write biological or social science simulations to investigate or illustrate philosophical or other theoretical ideas in biology or anthropology. (Favorite languages: Clojure, Idris (learning), OCaml, Haskell, NetLogo, R.)

haskell Haskell ocaml OCaml

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Marcello Seri

Maths, lambdas and rock'n'roll. Mathematical physicists, assistant professor at Bernoulli Institute. Member of YAGroningen. OCaml enthusiast. Tweets are my own

ocaml OCaml

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