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G'day websurfers! I'm based in so-called Australia and love being creative! 💚 On my channel I mainly do fantasy, action and indie , but I also make , , , original and covers. I hope I can entertain you all with my content! 😄

🏳️‍⚧️ (pronouns: they/them/their)

🏳️‍🌈 , & 

~ ,

✨ studying

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Ganga (also me, my PlanB acc)
@[email protected]

Reactivating this account in-case mastodon.au implodes. It's my Plan-B. I'll post independent content here occasionally. You can visit me there at @LifeTimeCooking.

Good food, balanced perspective, always learning, healthy flavoursome eating. Vegetarian. Rustic, home grown and/or home cooked food. Lover of life, people, cultures, travel. Champion of growth, change and awareness.

Posts auto-delete regularly.

Tarntanya (Adelaide), Australia

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The lens through which each of us views the world colours our experience and influences our subsequent response or reaction.

Any political system seeking to control it's people is flawed.

Corporate greed has subjugated our politics and our culture, exacerbating the , and is the biggest threat we and the earth face.

One day we will realize that and that what we do unto another, we do to ourselves.

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Jukka Snellman
@[email protected]

Software developer (.NET/React/TypeScript). Chaotic / Neutral. Don't take my opinions too seriously, except maybe software related. I mostly post in English.

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Freelance web developer, all 'round Drupal geek, automator of everything with Ansible, sometimes swearing at React Native, player of tenor saxophone and creator of ska music. Proud dog mum. Currently living in the most northerly village in Wales.

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Drupal aderezado con un poco de React

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Hi there, I'm Jayaram 👋

FullStack developer with 8+ years experience.

👨🏻‍💻 Available for hire

Languages: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Frameworks: Django, React, Svelte, Astro, Gatsby

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xubuntu Technical Lead, xfce Core Developer, linux and advocate. Friend of elementary , gnome , and kde .

Web Developer by trade. php laravel javascript react

Thoughts and opinions are my own, but generally agreeable. Happy to boost small projects!

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Marco Bresciani
@[email protected]

I like free software, Kanban and 改善.
I did wwwjdic and gravity Ruby gems.
I've done a Kanban metrics Calc spreadsheet called AAMfP, available on GNU Savannah.
I'm learning to be a proper Scrum Master after 20+ years as a SW developer and I'm creating a TypeScript/React Native App called TKCompanionApp available on F-Droid.

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Anthony Bosio
@[email protected]

python javascript typescript react ubuntu startrek 🦅

Anthony Bosio

UX conscious front-end and Python developer, librarian's husband, geek dad, FOSS advocate, also interested in photography, graphic design, typography and filmmaking/vfx. You should probably be using Plone or Django for something. PixelCorp retired.
Team: @sixfeetup
Location: South Florida

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casraf typescript 🇮🇱
@[email protected]

👨🏻‍💼 Freelance Web and App developer
📱 Developer of dungeonpaper.app
- robust mobile/desktop app for Dungeon World
💻 Working on an Reader and Client (WIP)
🎮 Also a hobbyist game dev (sometimes)
🌐 Check out more projects at casraf.dev/projects :)

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Marco Tomaschett
@[email protected]

Founder of Enteka Design: Design and development for the Web. ubuntu javascript bash git docker kubuntu apple_inc pine64 manjaro archlinux kdenew php thunderbird firefoxnew python react earth_photo

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Przemysław Kołodziejczyk
@[email protected]
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François Zaninotto
@[email protected]

I'm French, CEO at 
@marmelab, lead developer of react-admin, and founder of GreenFrame.io.

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Performant Data
@[email protected]

Scala / database / optimization engineer
scala cpp_language react postgresql kubernetes linux
Berkeley, CA, US

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Humble enough to know I’m replaceable, cocky enough to know it’s a downgrade…

Where there’s a will, there’s a hard mode…

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Forges with , designs with and ships with • Creator of @nordthemenordtheme.com

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Tommi Laukkanen
@[email protected]

I'm an engineer 🤓 Professionally I build cloud native software and I'm interested in , , , , , , , , , etc.

Outside of work, I design and build stuff with , , , , , , , and any technologies I can find. Always keen to learn and build new stuff.

When evening turns to night, I might be crafting dark tunes with , or other musical gear.

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[ Testing out: technodon.org/@wook ]
Howdy folks. Super excited to be on Mastodon / FOSStodon ! Apprentice in all things:
linux , opensource fedora
🌐 react javascript

🎮 , /

🎨 ,
🤖 and other nerdy things

(was pktwook in a previous life)

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Keith J Grant
@[email protected]

👨🏻‍💻 Front end developer working primarily in React. Currently at Red Hat working on Ansible Controller. Author of CSS in Depth.

🌎 I live in the great Pacific Northwest. I care about people and believe in the open web.

✨ I’m married to a literary nerd and have two fantastic children and two ridiculous cats. I enjoy fine cocktails and cooking. And running, when I’m in the habit. • searchable

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Fronty-front-end dev and techy generalist, mum of 2, euro-mongrel (🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇸🇪), lapsed swing dancer & DJ, erstwhile tall ship and dingy sailor, crocheter, lefty.

Work with react, but ❤️ vanilla html5 javascriptcssawesome

Cis het - she/her, supporting BLM a11y 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

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Page of Moths
@[email protected]

artist, game/asset developer, 90's kid at heart

I share project updates, and boost interesting/neat/cute things.

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Developer / Tech Lead - JavaScript/TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Java, AWS. Dad who likes making and appreciating art, music (he/him)

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Old man web developer. Still keeping up. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Components, React, Tailwind and a bit more.

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Full stack developer at ftrack. Mostly likes and types React and JavaScript. Frequently lost.

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Dev (mostly Typescript) & Continuous learner.

Neurodivergent, Straight but not narrow.

Latest hyperfixation: 3D printing

Author at Apress, tech lead at Microsoft, ex-Google.

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Chris Minnick
@[email protected]

Writer of programming books and absurdist fiction. Enthusiastic amateur musician, painter and winemaker.

Recent projects:

Coding with AI For Dummies (March 2024)

Music For Losers (novel, Fall 2023)

JavaScript All-In-One For Dummies (May 2023)

Mastodon For Dummies (February 15, 2023)

Coding All In One For Dummies

ReactJS Foundations

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Rust enthusiast, Reverse Engineer, long-time ReactOS developer - bringing all these worlds together

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Josh Collinsworth
@[email protected]

Frontend dev/designer/instructor. Currently frontend engineer @ Deno (previously: Shopify). Blogger at JoshCollinsworth.com. Maker of Quina.app and PlayHondo.com. Dad (jokes|bod). Svelte enthusiast: author of open-source blog starter. Semi-notorious React critic. CSS lover. Lifelong Nintendo fan. Aspiring DEI accomplice and a11y advocate. KC area. he/him/his. Less prickly in person. Opinions my own (if anyone's at all). Header by Nolan Fabricius.

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Platform engineer. Previously: Stellar Health, DigitalOcean, Fairwinds, ReactiveOps.

Interested in the present moment, people, and tech. Generally in that order.

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Business owner. Full stack software developer (C#, React, SQL). PS5 & PC gamer. Novice Twitch streamer. Newcastle United fan.

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✝️ Christian
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family man
👨‍💻 Sr. Software Engineer at Planview
⚛️ Specialize in Front-End Web Dev
neovim Neovim user

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Evan 🐍🦀🦕
@[email protected]

Sr Software Engineer @ Axuall. Python, Typescript, Vue3, React, and any thing that lets me use FP. Spare time Rust and Purescript.

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Found In Minneapolis. ND, IA, DC, and VA in past lives. Frontend Engineer.

Love the outdoors, baseball, reading and of course our pets: 🐶Rush and 😺Millie Pearle.

Learning Norsk 🇳🇴 for some reason.

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"Jack of all trades - Master of none." Ex-Product Owner now working as a Full Stack Engineer (based in 🇩🇪)

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💌 Tiny Improvements Newsletter - for founders, designers, and react devs designing and building great things: mikebifulco.com/newsletter

👾 CTO @ Craftwork (YC S23) • Developer Advocate • designer • developer • author • podcaster

🎙️ Podcasts: 
Software Engineering Daily • APIs You Won't Hate • 
Tiny Improvements

Into bikes 🚴‍♀️, espresso ☕, looking after 🌍
. Here to help 🤜🤛

ex Stripe, Google, Microsoft

📍 Charlotte, NC, USA

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Jake Carpenter
@[email protected]

Software Engineer currently using and . I also ❤️ 3D printing, baseball and poorly brewing espresso ☕️

He/him | | 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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Software generalist, currently concentrating on development in Ruby, TypeScript, Kotlin, C, Javascript, Svelte, React, Next, etc.

Based in Stuttgart.

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Dad, husband, Software Engineer.

Was arrested & convicted of a felony for selling marijuana in 2011/2012. Changed my trajectory and transitioned to a career in tech.

Currently helping reverse climate change at a global reforestation startup. Building a mobile app with .

Living with since 2013, since 2020. 

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Kevin Glowacz
@[email protected]

Sr. Software Engineer at GitHub | Licensing Team

Dad of two | Disability advocate | Open source contributor

Music: Punk Rock | Screamo
Pronouns: He/Him

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xcode_logo Software analyst and developer
swift Swift 🦅🧡

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning terminal_blinker

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Łukasz Wójcik 👨‍💻 📷
@[email protected]

Full-stuck devloper (sic!), photography enthusiast, blogger, sometimes translator, overly curious mind.

Also: book author in hiatus. Former teacher. Fan of electronic music.

Friendly introvert. Curious listener. Always hungry, always foolish.

Hailing from (GMT+2 usually)

cishet / he / him


(public toots: CC BY 4.0)

🍉 🇵🇸 🇺🇦

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Martin Plante ☮️
@[email protected]

It all started on a Vic-20. Later, years at the university saved me hours in the library.

Senior dev/director at Studyo, the student planner. .NET & C# since it was called NGWS. Typescript/React for the frontend lately. I miss XAML. I don't miss XAML. Depends on the day.

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French front-end dev. Always learning & sharing.
Currently learning React. ⚛︎

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Staff Software Engineer at , working on the , , and other facing features. Building in , , and (with a soft-spot for ).

Formerly at Clio, Pivotal Labs, Codecademy, Words With Friends & Xbox Games.

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Michael Hanson
@[email protected]

CTO of TechnicalMagic.ai. Occasional browser, search, and NLP hacker. Once upon a time: CTO of Ozlo (acquired by Meta); researcher at Mozilla Labs, & Apple Research; Reactivity/Cisco; Digital Libraries project.

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Preact ⚛️
@[email protected]

Fast 3kb alternative to React with the same modern API.

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Mostly developer, occasional designer, trying to do something good in the world 🌍 Sometimes I take photos (, , ) 📷 Co-Founder of ephemerecreative.ca 💚 I like , , and 📦 He/Him

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Rico Sta Cruz
@[email protected]

JavaScript, React, UI's and CSS, idk

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