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Aaron Patterson ✅

Rails Core / Ruby Core.
PGP: 4CE9 1B75 A798 28E8 6B1A A8BB 9531 70BC B4FF AFC6
Switch: SW-6099-0664-6989

ruby Ruby rails Rails

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James Adam

Loving Ruby since 2001.

I’m the admin for this instance - if you have any questions or problems, let me know!

ruby Ruby

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Jared White

Howdy from & the Pacific Northwest! 🌲 I'm a ambassador, blogger, podcaster, -eloper, photo & video nerd, and musician.

I work on @bridgetown, a web framework. I also talk about ethics in content creation and activism against unregulated generative AI. Pleased to meet you!

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Brandon Weaver ruby

Principal Eng at Gusto, Neurodivergence Advocate. Autistic / ADHD / Depression, He / Him. I'm the Lemur guy.

ruby Ruby

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