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Kris Nóva

Dreamer. Engineer. Writer. Aurae. Linux. Security. C. Rust. Go. Queer. OSINT. Mountains. Follow me on Twitch. She/Her. Engineer at GitHub. . krisnova.net

rust Rust linux Linux

62 39,703 7 months ago


Rust dev, Electronics engineer, Founder/CTO of Fusion Engineering, Rust library team lead, ADHD, Polyamorous, Lesbian, She/Her

rust Rust

216 10,503 2 days, 17 hours ago

Jeremi M Gosney verified

Senior Principal Software Engineer with @theparanoids at . Your friendly neighborhood password cracker. Member of blobcatrainbow and the core development team. I also help run , @BSidesLV, and @hushcon.

Former CEO of Terahash, creator of the Brutalis. Author of hmac-bcrypt and Pufferfish2 🐡. OIF/OEF veteran 🪖 and former 97E 🕵🏼‍♂️. Married to @baybedoll💍 and living in Texas 🤠

Primarily interested in , , , and , , , computing, , , , development, , , , . linux fedora redhat ubuntu terminal rust

rust Rust linux Linux

949 8,229 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Esteban K�ber rust

"We spent decades trying to invent a sufficiently smart compiler when we should have been inventing a sufficiently empathetic one."

Rust Compiler team member. If you have to search for answers when the compiler is talking to you, that's a bug.

There are no bad programmers, only insufficiently advanced compilers.

Cache-locality awareness evangelist.

💼@aws, opinions my own


Trans rights are human rights

rust Rust

2,191 4,091 1 day, 17 hours ago


Making a tiny building game with @h3r2tic 🏰🌿

I love art, math & rustlang 🎨🦀

rust Rust

24 3,813 1 year, 2 months ago

Jon Gjengset

Rust live-coder and OSS tinkerer who loves teaching. I try to maintain a high SNR. Wrote Rust for Rustaceans. At Helsing.ai. Formerly AWS. Co-founded ReadySet. he/him/they

rust Rust

303 3,469 3 weeks ago