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Natasha Nox 🇺🇦🇵🇸

"You could speak a thousand tongues and still fail [to understand] if you lack knowledge of another's culture."
Grimoire Weiss, Nier Replicant Ver. 1.224… ❤

Green Humanist. 🍀🖖 Despises tech mega corps with a passion. Repairs shit. Helps people. Ethics > Laws.

rust Rust opensource Open Source linux Linux

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Googly Eyed Peas

Immune compromised Scala/Java/Golang/Rust/Haskell self employed developer, stuck at home because of how mild COVID is. Getting rather pissed off about it. Father of autistic boy. Anti-fascist. See a nazi, punch a nazi. 🌈 I hold the opinion that convicted billionaire fraudsters should go to big-boy prisons and not minimum security country clubs (ok Emma?)

rust Rust golang Golang java Java scala Scala haskell Haskell

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v_catneocat_trans_cute aynuL​‮‮

Hi, I'm Luna ([ˈlunə]) or Ciubix ([ˈkʲjʉbʲiks])

I'm a stereotypical transfem which means:
arch I use Arch (btw)
rust I like Rust
QueerCat_TransQueerCat_BisexualQueerCat_Ace​ I'm pretty gay
blobcatgooglytrash​ I'm a huge nerd
blobcat I am a catgirl
blobcat Lerta miaŭistino
:3 champion of competitive :3ing

I play piano (poorly) , and (make horrific noises on) violin and guitar

I also stream on twitch

Made @yassie_j meow :3

May post horny/lewd stuff, (all properly CWd ofc), If you're a minor do not interact with my nsfw posts

Please do flirt with me(if you're not a minor) and do pet me neocat_bottom or else neocat_gun

HRT 02.09.23 (dd.mm.yy)

"most user of all time; i rate score out of ten" - @smolcasm
"nya 10/10 :3" - @sleepybisexual
"she is eepy but good" - @mairi
"Luna your whole existence is a gay incident" - @hertog
"luna is so soff that she could be a pillow" - @yassie_j

rust Rust

7,972 355 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Tim Kellogg

I'm a software engineer and sometimes manager. Currently but also . Building ML platform for a healthcare startup. Previously, built an IoT platform for one of "those" companies.

Open source: dura, fossil, Jump-Location, Moq.AutoMock, others

Do I have other interests? No, but I do have kids and they have interests. I think that counts for something. I can braid hair and hunt unicorns!

I put the in frustrate


python Python rust Rust opensource Open Source

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jnfrd Jan

Software Developer trying to not go mad
I try to play guitar. I like it, you won’t.
I write mostly Java but I’d rathe use Scala, Clojure or Rust.
Nazis fuck off.

Born at lunchtime.

Against all forms of

rust Rust java Java scala Scala

6,579 167 1 day, 17 hours ago

karolherbst 🐧 🦀

Linux Graphics Developer
Freedesktop Code of Conduct Enforcement team member

Mostly working on Rusticl and Nouveau
Implemented OpenCL in Rust for fun

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ are welcomed.

Nazis, $hitcoin cultists, Right-Libertarians, Longterminists, Tankies, techbros and other fascists not welcomed. This is a shithead free zone.

Private account, please direct all business inquiries to: twitter.com/karolherbst

rust Rust linux Linux

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