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nixCraft 🐧

Enjoy , , & like systems? software & ? Enjoy & work? Follow us to make the most of your geeky IT career. (e/human)

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Mona app

A Mastodon app packed with customization features.
Optimized for VoiceOver. Optimized for Mac. Native design.
No subscriptions. Available now on App Store, on iPhone, iPad, and Mac: geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id165

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Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists

Exposing fascists and disrupting their organizing in so-called Colorado

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Richard Sever

bioRxiv and medRxiv Co-Founder, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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Sune Auken

researcher and -scholar. Cheerleader, content accumulator, climate worrier (and sometimes warrior). Father of four. Married to a village pastor. Recovering mansplainer; wannabe feminist. Dane; whatever that is. admirer.

LGBTQ+ Ally.

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Éric Freyssinet

Conseiller senior cybercriminalité & cybersécurité / Senior cybercrime & cybersecurity adviser @Gendarmerie | Alumni (X92), , PhD | Associate member | Compte personnel / Personal account
Toots 🇬🇧/🇫🇷
Président du comité d'organisation de / Chairman of the organising team
Spring 2024, Nice, France @botconf

(Old account on mastodon.etalab.gouv.fr)
Admin of riin.fr/ - DFIR masto instance

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Josh Long

Spring Developer Advocate (Java Champion & Kotlin Google Developer expert ) VMware Tanzu 
Check out joshlong.com for international names, books, podcast, screencasts, & Livelessons 🍃🐲
twitter.com/starbuxman for the bird site 
Production for everything else!

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Antonio Páez 🇲🇽🇨🇦

Carbon-based Turing Test-compliant life-form DBA Professor of at University, where I teach and do research on , , , , .

I am an enthusiast and big believer in .

I have several hobbies, including , and .

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Filip W

Software architect, quantum computing nomad, open source maintainer, Microsoft MVP. Working in R&D in the medical industry. Interested in quantum foundations.
Author of “Introduction to Quantum Computing with Q# and QDK” (Springer). Maple Leafs fan 💙

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Free esprit de l'escalier and character actress LARPing confidence online since 1993.

Professional generalist & solutions nerd; strong opinions about loose coupling. SE @ a data company.

Ert, ept, ane.

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