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Draws art sometimes, particularly of fat men/fat demons/monsters. Will probably thirst over fictional characters (typically fat and/or old men), demons & other creatures, will sometimes be into random kinks for no real reason.

May not draw particularly NSFW-things but will likely Boost other people's art that is so 🔞✋️🔞

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felix (grayscale) 🐺

another wolf in the crowd (he/him)
systems, design, infosec, toolchains, furry, bdsm
searchable, CC-BY-4.0
Portland, Oregon, USA

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Unabashed lefty married to a terrific woman. Animal lover, especially cats but also dogs, birds—heck all of 'em. Audiophile, vinyl collector. Retired urban planner. Failed novelist.USAF Vietnam vet. Currently a big John Fahey fan. Born in Chicago, lived in Denver, Colorado Springs, St Louis, DC; in San Diego since 1999 and not about to depart until climate change demands it.

Changed my profile pic because the Homer-disappearing-into-bushes GIF was distracting.

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Daryl Baxter

Features Editor at iMore.
Author of ‘The Making of Tomb Raider’.
50 Years of Boss Fights - Out June 30th!
Got a great app to talk about? Email me [email protected]

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Zibidi (also known as Brainrot)

Saying I have any clue what I'm doing is a mistake. Also known as Zink, I've grown accustomed to Mastodon over time and decided to settle here.

If you want to comprehend me, you must first listen to roughly 4 hours of space abduction and study ASMR. This is required in order to understand how my brain fails to function.

What used to be: [email protected]

Interrogation: retrospring.net/@zinkOfZinks

PFP: Random Rooi / Louie from that Bomberman racing game's instruction manual. They really outdid themselves.

Background image: panicz pentaclar levl dusign colab title screen. A siivagunner rip plays in the background here, as we are truly number one.

I: do things.
You: ever do things?

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James Endres Howell

with : , , , ; , in .

Associate Teaching Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University USA

(Avatar: me, caucasian man, white beard, shoulder-length red-brown hair. Banner: recent graduates at Spring Commencement)

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Mediabuzz newsbeat

let's laugh, live life & love always! experience the beauty of spring in the carefully curated excursions...

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Democrat in Northern California. . fan, Go , , , . Bookworm, tech geek. Get vaccinated and vote!

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Stu Robson

👋 Available for work

🖤 Design Systems Consultant
🛠 Front-End Engineer
⚙️ Previous Clients: Monotype, EMBL, UCL, Springer Nature


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