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Unabashed lefty married to a terrific woman. Animal lover, especially cats but also dogs, birds—heck all of 'em. Audiophile, vinyl collector. Retired urban planner. Failed novelist.USAF Vietnam vet. Currently a big John Fahey fan. Born in Chicago, lived in Denver, Colorado Springs, St Louis, DC; in San Diego since 1999 and not about to depart until climate change demands it.

Changed my profile pic because the Homer-disappearing-into-bushes GIF was distracting.

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A former GI and retired SW Engineer. I live north of Boston, with Karen, my wife of 47 years and MollyBean, our Lab of 9 years.

BTW - Cwni was Corgi, we usually have one of those running around too, but not at the moment. Looks like we'll have a new Corgi pup this Spring, though.

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The Laughing Muse gatopiensa

Lesli. She, her, they, their (cis; let's normalize the singular they.) Demisexual - queer as in 'fuck you.' Technical writer, devdocs. Registered Dem because registering often isn't a viable choice, especially not during primary elections. I'm prejudiced against bigots and I can't stand intolerance.

Bring me the finest caffeine and chocolate in all the land. coffeepot 🍫

Original join date/instance: November 18 2022, mastodon.lol

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Rafael Salazar 👨‍🎨

Artist - Sculptor - Digital Creator - Provocateur
I Love to share ~Yours & Mine 
Appreciate Your valued following on Social Media
"Together We Grow Stronger" 🤗

🔵 Art: RafaelSalazar.com

🔵 Shop: RafaelSalazar.io

🔵 Social: linktr.ee/rafael_salazars


Avatar: QRCode website RafaelSalazar.com
 Cover: Spring is Here©️2024

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Free esprit de l'escalier and character actress LARPing confidence online since 1993.

Professional generalist & solutions nerd; strong opinions about loose coupling. SE @ a data company.

Ert, ept, ane.

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Nazis can fuck off

Black Lives Matter. LGBTQ+ rights. Medicare for All. Restore the Voting Rights Act. Workers unite!

When I have an idea for merch pop into my head, it usually winds up on my Teespring store. Use code MASTODON for 20% off!

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