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Valentin B. ferris

Software developer out of Switzerland 🇨🇭 (he/him)

Rust, TS, Solidity, SvelteKit, web3, Machine Learning.

Alpinist 🏔️, electronic music producer 🎧, maker 🔨, FPV drone pilot, and more!

Known as "krizzli" in some circles.

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Small government communist,
Code monkey,
Kind of a dick.


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Stitching together the best technologies to help , and not-for-profits communicate beautifully.


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Josh Collinsworth

Frontend dev/designer/instructor. Currently frontend engineer @ Deno (previously: Shopify). Blogger at JoshCollinsworth.com. Maker of Quina.app and PlayHondo.com. Dad (jokes|bod). Svelte enthusiast: author of open-source blog starter. Semi-notorious React critic. CSS lover. Lifelong Nintendo fan. Aspiring DEI accomplice and a11y advocate. KC area. he/him/his. Less prickly in person. Opinions my own (if anyone's at all). Header by Nolan Fabricius.

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Koen van Gilst

Frontend lead @Rabobank ✦ TypeScript, React, Svelte & Phoenix ✦ father of two ✦ philosopher by training

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Will Iverson

youtube.com/ChangeNode <- tech and economics

tl;dr version: Bay area in the late 90s (Apple & Symantec Java). Consulting from 2000-2016, including co-founding Dev9 (Java, CI/CD, 2010-2016). Video games (Unity, 2017-2020). Java, web (TypeScript/SvelteKit), mobile (SvelteKit/Capacitor/Tauri) in 2021.

Greater Seattle Metro (Kirkland)


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Ronnie André Bjørvik Sletta

Father. Husband. Nörd. Developer. Army veteran. Making magic with computers & stuff. This is me.

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d.s.e 💙💛 😷💉

I'm a software developer working primarily with Python, Django, Svelte or Yocto. I'm also a board and roleplaying gamer and Dark Electro/Industrial/EBM DJ from Munich. Maybe some day I will have the time to create my own music again ...

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Alex Rock

• 💻 Freelance full-stack tech lead, developer, coach and software architect.
• 🛠 Expertise with PHP/Symfony, JS/Typescript, Svelte, Rust, Docker, and many other tools.
• 🧹 Legacy application renovator.
• 🕊️ Free Open Source advocate.
• Speaking 🇫🇷 and 🇬🇧
• ⏲ 10+ years of dev experience
• ✊ Woke leftist (words can change depending on far-righters' way to call us)
• 🌈

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Andras Bacsai

🛠️ Solopreneur ┆ 💜 &


I’m sharing my journey, ups, and downs, project insights, upcoming projects & everything related to , , , , , , , and .

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