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iOS Dev Happy Hour organizer
SwiftUI hobbyist
Indie Dev Monday guest contributor
My apps are Please Don't Rain, Foodlapse, Museum Shuffle, and Snack Plan.

2023 AppleVis Golden Apple nominee for Please Don't Rain


Also 🎮🎢🎠🏋🏻‍♂️✈️🐢🐈

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Gödel Escher Spock🦿

Amputee'y | Xamarin'y | SwiftUI'y | Clojure'λ | UI'y | Viz'y SIGGRAPH'y | Retro'y | Hacker'y | Foodie | Origami | Knott'y | GIS'y

(he / him) searchable

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Leo Dion

Hey everybody!

I'm an independent Swift and Apple developer. My company is brightdigit.com

I do mostly contract work but also the occasional indie app.

I also have a Youtube channel and podcast on Swift development in the Apple Space at empowerapps.show.

All my stuff can be found at brightdigit.com

When I'm not doing development, presenting, or recording; I'm with my 6 kids probably playing video games.

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Collin Donnell

I coined the term “Mac Assed Mac App”.

A software developer from Portland Oregon. I’ve been writing iOS and Mac apps since 2008 and Ruby since 2021.

📱 (iOS and Mac).
🚂 (and Rails)

Cohost of the podcast. Friend of DeSoto.

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Gamer (PS5, Quest 3, Switch, Wii), Fahrradmensch, mault (zu) gerne, mag Metal, beruflich Senior System Integrator, handwerklich unbegabt, Whovian, Orvie, Trekkie (and still VERY upset about the destruction of Star Trek Litverse), Swiftie

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infosec acolyte and unix enthusiast
👩‍💻🇺🇸 she/her
tux alpinelinux openbsd freebsd

opinions are my own and are not written by "abominable intelligence", nor do they reflect the opinions of my employer.

"It is the interface between blade and ice that makes them able to skate. But something has to be cut, something to melt, and something left behind. Everyone is cheering. Why aren't you cheering, Gabriella. Is it because you were the sacrifice upon which others could dance?" — @SwiftOnSecurity

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James Gobert

iOS/macOS/Swift Software Engineer, science nerd. tinkerer.

Apple Entrepreneur Camp Alumni, Betaworks - Live Camp Alum

Founder: Chunk: AI Search Assistant & Curious.ai

Former: Tapcart, Culture Genesis, STEEZY

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developer since 2009.

Also working on two apps on the little free time I have :

- MaCave, a wine cellar app : macave.whine.fr

- Shinobu, an open source MPD remote control app : github.com/Nyx0uf/shinobu

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Swift  👨‍💻 dev
Building cool stuff @ SparrowTek

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Graham (Backup 🪑 Version)

Swiftie | Leftist | Struggle boat captain
Also perpetually envious of people who can nap during the day

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