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Axel Rauschmayer


Other interests:
– Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin
– Sustainability, degrowth, permaculture, urbanism
– Tiny houses
– Education
– Psychology, getting out of one’s head, heart-centered living
– Minimalist spirituality: Advaita, Daoism, Buddhism, Christian mysticism, J. Krishnamurti, …

I live in Munich. pronoun.is/he

pixelfed Photos: @rauschma
– 💬 Languages: @langtales

typescript TypeScript javascript JavaScript opensource Open Source

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I'm a ☕ loving WebDev and FLOSS Geek with some 3D & cryptography experience with a Punk attitude and had his own radio show 👨‍💻 I post here mostly in German and in English and the most are deleted after 30 days / tfr

💻 Linux 🌐 TypeScript 🐍 Python 🦀 Rust 🧵 ...next Toot

python Python typescript TypeScript rust Rust linux Linux

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Bethany Brookshire

Science journalist, podcaster, author. Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains out December 6 from Ecco. Here for the trash pandas.

typescript TypeScript

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Dominik 🚄🌹🌻

Posts / toots / Tröts / mostly in German.

28, , (he/him), einsam
🌄⚡Solargenossenschaftsmitglied 🌄

Themen: Erneuerbare Energien, Klimaschutz, Sozialpolitik, Raketennerd kerbal und spiele gerne KerbalSpaceProgram🚀, Für Spaß zu haben, spreche ungern öffentlich über meine Probleme.
Schaue seit Kindheit Formel1.

Spiegel-Leser (noch) und ÖRR-Fan. Teile häufig Artikel die ich wichtig finde. 🌻

Mag Gartenteiche (vorhanden,1500L) und Modelleisenbahn (aktuell nur Vitrine 😐)

typescript TypeScript

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I am interested in:
* (, , , tech leadership, , , , )
* &
* & the next-generation ways of working
* random nonsense (current events, memes, )

Multicultural mongrel: born in Sweden to Finnish parents, former Londoner now in Switzerland. You can @ me in , , & .

Pronouns: he/him.

All Toots expire after 2 months.

python Python typescript TypeScript rust Rust golang Golang

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elle mundy

move slow & fix things

music • photography • poetry • code

🎸 since 1998
👩🏻‍💻 since 2006 (pro since 2012)

aka inkjetski • new single “home to you” out now on bandcamp/apple music/spotify

building: uncut systems
prev: sotheby’s, twitter, spotify, meetup, etc

roles: front-end, back-end, sre, infra, platform, devex, tech lead, consultant

practices: xp, tdd, ddd, pairing, mobbing, t-shaped, xfun teams

languages: ruby, js, ts, go, java, scala, swift, html, css, sql

typescript TypeScript javascript JavaScript ruby Ruby java Java scala Scala swift Swift

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