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Markus Tacker
@[email protected]


❤️‍🔥⌨️ Software crafter. Mentor. Speaker. Conference & Community builder. Camper. 🏕️🚐

Living in Trondheim, Norway 🇳🇴.

Builds cloud for on and other clouds using .

Organizes @codefreeze 🇫🇮❄️⌨️ and @adacon 🇳🇴 🧑‍💻

Pronouns: he/him.

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Illi A. Heger
@[email protected]

Grafisches Erzählen, Erklären und Theorie - weiß queer nichtbinär
Graphic Storytelling and Theory - white queer non-binary

alle Tröts mit CW und Bildbeschreibung (manche Boosts ohne CW)
all toots with CW and image description (some boosts without CW)

Bildveröffentlichung nur mit schriftl. Zustimmung
images copyrighted, publish only with written consent

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* leftist,
anti-fascist pessimist

* senior “Web Engineer”
(mostly TypeScript dev)

* Web Platform, PWA & WebComponents fanboy (a free Web can do more good if it is capable, this includes treating PWAs like first-class citizens in an application environment, i.e. sadly the opposite of Mozilla’s vision for the web)

* dabbling in (sane) IoT & embedded C++

* interested in everything

* ask me stuff!

* he/him

🌹🏳️‍🌈⬆️ antifa

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Development lead and programmer living in Germany. A lot of experience working with Java and still enjoying it. But I also enjoy TypeScript. Go and Rust. Deeply interested in all things development related, art, movies, games, books, things.

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Assistant Prof (TT) of Computer Science @UA Little Rock, Daydreamer, Engineer, and an Enthusiast by nature.

Formerly a Staff Research Scientist @EmoryUniversity and a @universityofga alumna.

Father, evolving Husband to a beautiful architectonic mind, and a conferred doctor.

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Entrepreneur, digiguide.tv co-founder, now remote developer working on tv and vod. Love all things tech & creating things that people use. Working with C#, Typescript, Node on Azure and AWS

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Gareth Hughes
@[email protected]

& Software Developer, Technical Lead, Terrible and Junk Food .

Currently working on building a new team at A-Leagues.

I love (fantasy/sci-fi/thriller) and I am learning to play

I like to complain, Aussie citizen originally from Yorkshire.

dotnet csharp terminal postgresql typescript javascript sql raspberrypi github vue docker tux

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Neurodivergent ()
Founder of a ERG
Queer and Ethically Non-Monogamous
Senior Software Engineer

I post about dotnet, disabilities, late stage capitalism, and more

Mostly boosts as I hate writing my thoughts out.

Love watching Formula 1 and IndyCar
Find me @ annually and at the (before COVID)
Cannabis connoisseur
Day dreaming chef
Self proclaimed Potato King

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Jukka Snellman
@[email protected]

Software developer (.NET/React/TypeScript). Chaotic / Neutral. Don't take my opinions too seriously, except maybe software related. I mostly post in English.

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Dev, geek and creator of Royal TS (remote management tool).

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José Pablo Ramírez Vargas
@[email protected]

Senior Backend Software Developer

Have worked for many big ones: HP, P&G, Brightstar, IBM, Intel.

Two-time nominee for Microsoft MVP in C# back when I moderated the Spanish MSDN Forums.

My passion is .Net/C#, but I do enjoy pretty much anything about programming. Lately I've been involved a bit into some front-end programming and some NodeJS backend too.

Daddy to

I write code with discipline.

Oh, I love Age of Empires!

dotnet javascript typescript

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Jeden ersten Donnerstag im Monat um 19:30 treffen wir uns in der @cbase

mehr Infos auf drupal.berlin

Tröts von
@cawi und

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Passionate Software Developer. Maintainer of @maplibre Native.

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Pascal Garber
@[email protected]

Typescript developer, love retro gaming

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Marco Bresciani
@[email protected]

I like free software, Kanban and 改善.
I did wwwjdic and gravity Ruby gems.
I've done a Kanban metrics Calc spreadsheet called AAMfP, available on GNU Savannah.
I'm learning to be a proper Scrum Master after 20+ years as a SW developer and I'm creating a TypeScript/React Native App called TKCompanionApp available on F-Droid.

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Anthony Bosio
@[email protected]

python javascript typescript react ubuntu startrek 🦅

Anthony Bosio

UX conscious front-end and Python developer, librarian's husband, geek dad, FOSS advocate, also interested in photography, graphic design, typography and filmmaking/vfx. You should probably be using Plone or Django for something. PixelCorp retired.
Team: @sixfeetup
Location: South Florida

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Mad computer scientist, unfinished project collector, meme enjoyer. Posts mostly tech and memes and tech memes.

Current project: Ludwig, a Lemmy clone in C++ - github.com/ar-nelson/ludwig

Backlog project: Tapir, a single-user Fediverse server - tapir.social

· · · · · · · · · · · (, , ) · / · · ·

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casraf typescript 🇮🇱
@[email protected]

👨🏻‍💼 Freelance Web and App developer
📱 Developer of dungeonpaper.app
- robust mobile/desktop app for Dungeon World
💻 Working on an Reader and Client (WIP)
🎮 Also a hobbyist game dev (sometimes)
🌐 Check out more projects at casraf.dev/projects :)

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Currently using Typescript & F# to make stuff

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Passionate Web developer, mainly using Python & TypeScript these days.
A French folk, living in Scotland since… *checks the calendar … Blimey! A while, now 👴😅
Currently senior Python developer at Torchbox.

On my free time I enjoy climbing, running, playing cards at the pub and improving ZakuChess - a “daily chess challenge with heroic fantasy characters” web game I built with Python, htmx and Tailwind CSS

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Dušan 🇷🇸 arch ⚛️
@[email protected]

Hi there! I'm a software developer from Belgrade, Serbia, mainly dealing with distributed systems. An all-round nerd, minimalist and a tinkerer. I sometimes engage in political commentary. My opinions are my own.
 Besides computing, I'm interested in philosophy of religion, politics, psychology, biology and literature.

php javascript typescript python golang c_language bash

🇷🇸 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🇬🇧 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🇷🇺 ⭐

Proud member of f91w

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Przemysław Kołodziejczyk
@[email protected]
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Software developer, internaut and irregular rambler. Dev at by day. Otherwise , and lots of other miscellania.

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Martijn Faassen
@[email protected]

Me grok write code. Rust, Typescript, Python, JavaScript. Created: Morepath, lxml. Also: gardener, science & history fan, living life fan. Husband & father.

I post a lot about programming as well as gardening pictures. If you come for just the gardening pictures the programming talk may baffle you. If you're a programmer, I invite you to enjoy the flowers!

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洪 民憙 (Hong Minhee)
@[email protected]

An intersectionalist, feminist, and socialist guy living in Seoul (UTC+09:00). Who's behind @fedify and @hollo. Write some free software in , , , & . They/them.


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Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft working on the TypeScript typescript toolchain (previously pyright/pylance python). Happy Arch Linux archlinux user.

(opinions are my own, yadda yadda)

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John Reilly ❤️🌻
@[email protected]

MacGyver turned Dev ❤️🌻


OSS, blogs and talks

TypeScript | ts-loader | DefinitelyTyped | Docusaurus | C# | Azure

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Kaan Barmore-Genç
@[email protected]

He/him. Linux user, and an enthusiast of many programming languages. Love using Rust and TypeScript. Currently doing platform engineering/web dev stuff using AWS at work. Illinois, USA. Vegan, Pan, Trans ally. I've been cycling lately.

Favorite video games: Rimworld, Dishonored, Death Stranding.
Favorite music: Thy Catafalque, Caligula's Horse, Leprous, Be'lakor, Slugdge.

I love making friends, send me a follow! Please fill out your bio or send some toots first though.

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Consulting software developer, primarily Python and Django, with a bit of Typescript when the need arises.

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@[email protected]

Software Developer working for the LEGO Group in Billund, Denmark 🇩🇰 🤩

I primarily talk about running and training here. And over at X it’s IT nerdy stuff instead. At least that’s the split for now 😅😇.

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Currently a Director of Engineering using mainly Go, Python and Typescript.

My first free software contributions were probably to AbiWord back in 2000-something. I've been using Linux on the desktop since floppy disks were the main installation method.

rather be offshore.

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The powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript testing framework.

Docs: qunitjs.com
Source: github.com/qunitjs/qunit
Contact: @krinkle

Previously at mastodon.technology (2020-2022).

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Axel Rauschmayer
@[email protected]


Other interests:
– Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin
– Sustainability, degrowth, permaculture, urbanism
– Tiny houses
– Education
– Psychology, getting out of one’s head, heart-centered living
– Minimalist spirituality: Advaita, Daoism, Buddhism, Christian mysticism, J. Krishnamurti, …

I live in Munich. pronoun.is/he

pixelfed Photos: @rauschma
– 💬 Languages: @langtales

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A collaboration to develop reusable tooling for large scale TypeScript monorepos


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Nathan Shively-Sanders
@[email protected]

I work on the Typescript compiler.

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Tommi Laukkanen
@[email protected]

I'm an engineer 🤓 Professionally I build cloud native software and I'm interested in , , , , , , , , , etc.

Outside of work, I design and build stuff with , , , , , , , and any technologies I can find. Always keen to learn and build new stuff.

When evening turns to night, I might be crafting dark tunes with , or other musical gear.

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Thomas Peklak
@[email protected]

software developer from

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Trivikram Kamat
@[email protected]

Core collaborator of Node.js
International speaker. he/him.

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Thomas Svensson 🖖
@[email protected]

I like the open source way of life • Born at CO2 325 PPM • On the and spectrum 🤘 • Proud nerd 🤓

Current focus on python html5 css3 typescript for terminal and web stuff. rust is next.

For everything not : Find me as @tsvenson on mastodon.online

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A Software Engineer. Likes making small, independent web things and occasionally writes blog posts. Interests include cooking, movies, music, videogames and cycling.

terminal bash html5 javascript typescript vue linux fedora manjaro firefox protonmail cupofcoffee

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Ado (ādō, he/him)

Linux, Python, Typescript, Furry, Metal, Electronic, Classical Vocal

This account doesn't post/boost NSFW content.

Find me on other platforms:

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Developer / Tech Lead - JavaScript/TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Java, AWS. Dad who likes making and appreciating art, music (he/him)

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Alec Brunelle
@[email protected]

Writing TypeScript daily and Connoisseur of Fine Urban Planning

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Developer. Climber. Duck owner. Norwegian.

Interested in cloud, architecture, automation, software delivery and making tech that improves our lives. Mostly working with .NET and TypeScript but always interested in learning new languages/technologies.

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Software developer out of Switzerland 🇨🇭 (he/him)

Rust, TS, Solidity, SvelteKit, web3, Machine Learning.

Alpinist 🏔️, electronic music producer 🎧, maker 🔨, FPV drone pilot, and more!

Known as "krizzli" in some circles.

This profile is searchable via tootfinder.ch

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Software Engineer (he/him)
Rustacean🦀 | Typescriptee | Runner 🏃‍♂️
Easily tempted with food

Supporter of trans_flag 🏳️‍🌈

Really excited about Rust on the web and WebAssembly!

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Chris Pelatari
@[email protected]

Professional Geek

C# asp.net and TypeScript hacker est. 2001 - AspInsider, former MVP

Self taught full stack developer



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blue linden (they/she)
@[email protected]

teenage student journalist. Rust / TypeScript / Nix+Auxolotl developer. application/web security research enthusiast.

marketing committee @ auxolotl

close enough to DC. COVID isn't over.

free palestine.

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