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activitypub addict, aspiring astronaut, community creator and determined dreamer.

Building @pixelfed, an ethical and federated photo sharing platform along with @fedidb, @supapp and other fedi services.


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pretalx▪Python/Django/vue.js▪Three Django projects in a trench coat▪he/him

Admin here. Please report instead of DMing.

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Andrew Feeney

Software developer in Sydney, Australia.

Works with PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Laravel, Vue, AngularJS, Inertia, Livewire, Vapor

Enjoys TDD, CI, Algorithmic Art, Mathematics, Languages, Music Creation, Coffee

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Joe Steinbring thisisfine

I write code (, , , ), take photos, and travel. I live in , . I created a bunch of mastodon bots and toot.works toot_works_girl.

This is my main fediverse account. I am also @steinbring on Pixelfed and @steinbring on kbin/lemmy. You can follow my blog at @joe.

My opinions / shoes are my own.



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Full stack web developer and data expert working for digital-pharma.be. Builder of covid-vaccinatie.be. PHP dev ❤️

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Luluu ! 🌻

quackity save me

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Head of Frontend @ zavvy.io. Co-host of @workingdraft. Public speaker. Focus on Vue 3.

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Blazing Minds ✅

Official Mastodon account for the multi-award winning Vuelio Top 10 that launched in 2008.

Covering news, , , , live events and more. .

You can find my personal account at @karenwoodham

Find the official website at blazingminds.co.uk

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CodeByJeff - Now with AI!

Badger living in Japan

I program stuff and drink beer

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Hey up! I’m Ryan. One of those weird hybrid designer/developer types. Founded Umlaut—a brand and development agency—in Manchester, UK, where I’m currently Creative Director. Also a regular writer for Shutterstock.

Learning German (slowly), how to fly a drone (badly), and Cinema4D (barely). Often found loitering in Berlin, because, well, it’s Berlin.


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