DjangoCon US 2023 🐂

2023 DjangoCon US 🐂 took place on October 16-20, 2023 in Durham Convention Center in Durham, NC. See the Schedule.

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"These models do not hallucinate. They make stuff up because a programmer using a random generation function decided they should... By saying they hallucinate, we are removing the responsibility of the programmer and the model trainer to be ethical." @FlipperPA 🐂

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So glad for masking policy and testing requirements.

This is my first convention in 4 years, and if there wasn't such a complete masking and testing policy I wouldn't be able to be here.

We're ALL masking, and it feels so good.

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Neat framework for thinking about different deploy environments. I hadn’t thought about the “prod-copy” quadrant, very good idea.

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The last leg of my trip to Durham, North Carolina is over ✅

Reykjavík KEF 🛫 to Durham RDU 🛬

Finally, after a long journey, I met some friends on this side of the ocean 🤗

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Natalia Bidart is presenting the talk "Inside Out: My Journey of Understanding Inclusion" at the DjangoCon US 2023 🐂

CC @djangocon @nessita

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Day -1 of helping at and the first in-person event.

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I gave a lightning talk at for day 2 titled "Building things when you have a cluttered mind 🧠"

I was worried it wouldn't be received well, but several folks have reached out to say they felt seen and validated and that the talk was helpful. That has really made my week!


Check out the slides if you're interested.


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Catching up on @_chrismay's talk from this morning. “HTML-ivating your Django web app's experience with HTMX, AlpineJS, and streaming HTML. “ Really good! The opening story about the world’s fastest website is just super.

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This first day has already been marked by some amazing talks, and I can't wait for tomorrow's talks! I'm so excited about "Navigating Django's Future: Djangonaut Space" talk from @BajoranEngineer and @Rachell 🚀
(And many others talks of course...)

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kicked off with the KojoNote

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The first day at DjangoCon US 2023 has just ended 🐂

As usual the hallway track is always the best for meeting old friends and new people. 🤗

CC @djangocon @django

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80% feel more comfortable contributing to Django.

100% feel more comfortable as members of the community.

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Early autumn in the Eno River State Park, North Carolina. Refreshing to experience woods that aren't dusty and drab by this time of year - rain is spread evenly across the year in this part of the country, and I loved the lusciousness of it.

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I just wrapped up my talk at . It was a great time 😄

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"avoid using regex"

Well put, Simon Charette via @ryancheley


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