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a journal's tale
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The enterprise is a collaboration of kindred souls who wish to connect within the spirit fairness and transparency. We endeavor to cultivate ethical collaborations facilitating frameworks that apply the use of Free and Open Source Software, the principles of the Creative Commons, Open Culture and Open Journalism ideals. Ideals underpinned by crafting an approach that considers the overall well-being of the Biosphere and all its Earthlings.

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@[email protected]

Philosopher attempting design while existing with late diagnosed . Equity advocate. Anti-capitalist. Arch Linux user. Promoter of FOSS.

Born at 333ppm

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I work with mac and linux - I also write the odd app or two

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Brady Johnston
@[email protected]

PhD in structural biology & biophysics, lover of all things scientific visualisation. and addon developer.

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new no new age advanced ambient motor music machine.

/ , . I love as a way to explore (also ) and . Not scared of Public Transport, and favour . Into -es (inc ) and for 30 years, along with and hosting for others - I appreciate the _distributed_ nature of the Internet. I'm here for the community, not the daily drama/outrage, and post/boost accordingly.

(previously on mastodon.xyz)

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Cameron Simpson
@[email protected]
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Peter Prevos 💧🎓📊🇳🇱🇦🇺
@[email protected]

Water engineer 💧 and social scientist 🎓. Writer of playfully intellectual discourse about philosophy, data science and magic tricks. Emacs and free software aficionado.
🌏 Lives on Djaara country (Bendigo).

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Daniel Pelliccia
@[email protected]

Physicist and entrepreneur.
Startup: Rubens Technologies
Day job: Instruments & Data Tools
Blog: Nirpy Research.

Forthcoming book: "Synchrotron Light" to be published by Oxford University Press.

Random toots on physics, startups, spectroscopy, synchrotron science, x-ray imaging ... and Python.

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Roslyn and Razor tooling dev on the .NET team @ Microsoft, Melburnian, fan of Lego, C#, and lifelong class clown.

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Vote Ludd on July 4
@[email protected]

Expat Welshman living on Aboriginal Land in Naarm/Melbourne

ADHD Haver and Head of Infrastructure at a disability-focused startup. Wannabe Welsh translator on training wheels.

"Cofiwch Dryweryn" on the HMHB forums

We're on Etsy


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Artisinal, free range nerd, FOSS advocate, and fan of Oxford Commas.
Thoughts, toots, and kwinoah muffins are my own.
Scones: jam then cream.

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& Software Developer, Technical Lead, Terrible and Junk Food .

I love (fantasy/sci-fi/thriller) and I am learning to play

I like to complain, Aussie citizen originally from Yorkshire.

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Glen Turner (VK5TU)
@[email protected]

Life: cycling, bushwalking, amateur radio, Linux tinkering, VK5TU.
Work: network engineering, systems programming, technical team leadership.
Location: Adelaide, Australia.
You're welcome to use the content without attribution; except for art like photos and films. Get in touch if they're not marked with a copyright license you find useful.
Posts SFW with M-rated language at times.

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Matthew "Smiffy" Smith
@[email protected]

Middle-aged tech generalist, into languages, music, food & drink, accessibility. Variously disabled. Neurodivergent. Married with Labradors.

Love working on esoteric projects involving, but not limited to, PostgreSQL, Python, Perl. SQL RDBMS and UN*X veteran. Remote sensing/IoT. Digital/embedded electronics.

Narungga country/Northern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Racists, misogynists, homophobes, transphobes, SWERFs, TERFs, GCs, MAGAs, antivaxxers can GTFO.

Member @AusSocialMods

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Computing teacher, lover of tech, likes Python, learning JS, keen cyclist (slow but keen), mum, GPN board member. Not a parody.

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Luke Stockwell
@[email protected]

Dad, CAD Monkey, Linux Mint, Dogs, games, woodwork. He/Him

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Bela Lugosi's Dad
@[email protected]

In unceeded lutruwita (ex. croweater) somewhere north of nipaluna. Angry scientist (fire, forest and spatial ecology, gis and ). Weird music maker, proud NTEU

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Really trying to be a normie. I lift. He/Him. I play computer games sometimes. I dad a lot. I love a bit of desktop linux.

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he/him, cis, gay, husband, Beagle-owner, JavaScript jockey, aspiring Rustacean: gitlab.com/jokeyrhyme.gpg

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Married, 2 kids, studying Cyber Security at Tafe Qld. Autistic. I have a dog called Luna. I use Cannabis for anxiety. I enjoy QubesOS. And not using Facebook.

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@[email protected]

WiFi whacker, network noodler, IoT idiot, Linux licker, and security spooner. Can C, a bit Rusty, also Bashing Pythons. Sandal appreciator. Anti-sock crusader.

Geek for hire - if you’ve got a cool project let me know!

Now contains at least 65% shitpost by weight

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G'day websurfers! I'm based in so-called Australia and love being creative! 💚 On my channel I mainly do fantasy, action and indie , but I also make , , , original and covers. I hope I can entertain you all with my content! 😄

🏳️‍⚧️ (pronouns: they/them/their)

🏳️‍🌈 , & 

~ ,

✨ studying

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Doing a @anucybernetics in and . Into , . Built @SenseBreast. She/her pronouns. Ex @mycroft_ai @linuxaustralia @deakin @mozilla
Living in Australia on Waddawurrung land but with connections in
for fediverse.au

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Julien Goodwin
@[email protected]

Open source operations guy. CorpNet SRE at Google (previously on AS15169, Chrome, Insider Risk) he/him

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Nerd, rescuer of cats and chickens, lover of sci, tech, astronomy, radio, sailing, cyberpunk, steampunk, retired game server admin, B Eng Comp Sys Hons 1, NYSF'99, Marine Rescue Watchofficer and IT&Comms Officer, Snr Software Eng.

Things I get up to:
* marinerescuensw.com.au/wp-cont (page 20)
* photos.app.goo.gl/AJLTs4TK1fdA

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Liam O'Luachra
@[email protected]

Based in Brisbane, Australia with a passion for most things Punk, Music, Hobbyist networking, Linux, Online & Digital privacy.

NFC Implantee

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Ganga (also me, my PlanB acc)
@[email protected]

Reactivating this account in-case mastodon.au implodes. It's my Plan-B. I'll post independent content here occasionally. You can visit me there at @LifeTimeCooking.

Good food, balanced perspective, always learning, healthy flavoursome eating. Vegetarian. Rustic, home grown and/or home cooked food. Lover of life, people, cultures, travel. Champion of growth, change and awareness.

Posts auto-delete regularly.

Tarntanya (Adelaide), Australia

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Personal is not the same as important

A fan of

Spending my twilight years doing

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Gordon Smith 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
@[email protected]

A in
- retired Uni of New England (AU) IT manager (, , )
- has an eclectic taste in
- mapper at ()
- registered with Land for
- reading
- writing using

Living on 40 hectares (100 acres), mostly woodland, in Australia, ~20 km east of Armidale, New South Wales

Also , , , , , ,

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Software developer (swift, python), technology commentator, blogger. Author of "WSPR Watch" for iOS.

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Matt Cengia (seeking work)
@[email protected]

🏳️‍🌈🇦🇺they_them flag_bisexual Flag_Enby
, advocate, Victoria leader, , , , geek. they/them/theirs

Currently Seeking Work! ​

More info at: aus.social/@mattcen/1117169813

Please don't follow without a bio & some post history.
No unsolicited advice, please.

Banner 📷 credit: @xrobau

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Just "James" | Nothing
@[email protected]

An ad-hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of a software engineer. Author of MaybeJustJames/yaml (), phylio (), Super, and MMLigner. Maintainer of Zephyr (). Lover of programming. Australian living in the Netherlands.

Interested in typed

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spaceman 🐈‍⬛🚀
@[email protected]

tech/science nerd interested in , , , and

I boost a lot of cat pictures


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Michael Nelson
@[email protected]

Rust, Go, Python and Javascript developer, with a keen interest in geometric algebra, quantum computing and aviation. Based near Sydney.

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Morpheus Being
@[email protected]

"Blessed are the cracked for they let the light shine in" ~ Spike Milligan.

Pronouns he/him/his. Live near Qld/NSW border, west of the GDR.

In the end, all that matters is:
* how well did you live?
* how well did you love?
* how well did you learn to let go?

Please look at and buy leather goods to help me survive.

Live simply so that others may simply live.

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|| Research Software Engineer at Telethon Kids Institute | Loves | Ultra-Runner | Hiker | Climber | Coffee Geek | Serial Hobbiest | he/him ||

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Sits on Pelican
@[email protected]

he_him Living in () on Wurundjeri Woiwurrung country; I nerd. Linux/open source; metal casting; wild clay pottery; climbing; brewing; motorcycles; very left; completely atheist.
Once upon a time, I was a sysadmin: SunOS and Solaris, and then Linux. Now, I'm a consultant, telling people what they've already heard about DevOps (the cultural kind, not just k8s with sugar on).

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javascript/elixir programmer, open source advocate, internet native, bit of an audio nerd

22 | neurodivergent | gen z |

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 :: imaginative work for museums, galleries and planetariums | r & d for immersive imaging | scientific and heritage visualization.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Philip Mallis 🇺🇦
@[email protected]

Transport planner dingding & history nerd. I make maps, photos & videos. Former councillor & Chair of Urban Planning at Boroondara City Council.

All views are my own.

User & supporter of Fedora, GrapheneOS & the Fediverse. Viva .

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Peter Humburg
@[email protected]
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born and resident. , SoT kayaker with a Hobie Outback, 3-wheel HPV user , , , player, and fan. I am a (well mer-dude). Just an all-round geek. I am proud to live on Whadjuk boodja.

I play , , and .

I like to take photos of (particularly ), and other mer-folk. I also shoot and images. To round things off, I also play with in-camera imaging.

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Rebecca Fernandez
@[email protected]

Senior Graphics programmer at Nixxes Software. Previously TT Games and WeirdBeard Games. Aussie grown dev in NL

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Richard Siggs
@[email protected]

Cloud Infrastructure Linux Systems DevOps Contractor on your terms.

Skilled in all cloud & on-prem ops.

Physical Servers/Virtualisation Operations (P2V, Lift’n’Shift, VMware, KVM, Xen).
JVM/Docker/Cloud Infrastructure at scale expert.

Business owner.
operator from the ‘80s.
Ran ISPs from the ‘90s through to 2007.

CompSci degree with post-grad in Animation.

Principled, ethical & proud Union member of Professionals Australia.

Vegetarian for decades.

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Plays Magic: The Gathering, but not well. Rides a bicycle, but isn't a cyclist. Prefers open source software. No numbers at the end of my handle.

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Professor of Statistics, Monash University, Australia. Wurundjeri country. Interested in , , , . He/him

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Independent researcher working on Vector Symbolic Architectures (), also known as Hyperdimensional Computing ().

Also here for the:

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Ross B Voted Yes
@[email protected]

Retired secondary school teacher. student. Lover of Australian . Born 310ppm CO₂. Life science student. Had a gutful of hyperpartisanship threatening democracy and meaningful climate action. Canadian expat Living on country. Linux and FOSS user since the 1990s.

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He/him ♂️. Trophy spouse 🏆, ♾️. 🐈, 🧮️, politics 🗳, :julia:, 🎲🎮. 🏳️‍⚧️ firstnations

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I don't have a lot to say...

Despite Stage 4 Kidney I'm living my best life!

30+ year career in technology - on hold for now. Currently (very slowly) learning .

Music of all sorts a lot of the time.

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