Software developer who mostly writes in csharp dotnet & VB and knows C, C++, java, PHP, Pascal, javascript, python, COBOL, & Fortran. & if forced, I could probably remember CICS & Assembly Language. The result would be better in CICS.

I have an MA in History from 2002. And also have BAs in History and Biblical Studies from 1999.

I returned to school in 2011 and received degrees in Web Programming (2015) & Networking(2018).

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Softwareentwickler in allen möglichen Layern und Sprachen. Primär Java, PHP und JavaScript.

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Macht was mit diesem Internet (meistens PHP backend geraffel), Studierender Fachinformatiker AE, Mag Tux besonders gerne, 🔥, Nomnivor, schaut hier manchmal rein


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and as well as Ex-Host of Webmontag Hamburg . AS12731. 💉³+1

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Sebastian Bergmann
@[email protected]

Created PHPUnit. Co-Founded thePHPcc. Helps developers build better software. L(i|o)ves .

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Mensch Antimeier
@[email protected]

backend (currently mainly )

You don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism.
Bash the Fash!

Toots as he pleases!
El psy kongroo.

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ïng Frank THM van den Heuvel
@[email protected]

Geboren bij 318 ppm CO2. Bouwen aan een betere toekomst. Wooncoöperatie:
Niet praktiserend atheïst.

Interesses: sql, php, js, htmx, python, audio techniek, werelddans, fotografie, ligfiets, hardlopen, circulair wonen, klimaat, milieu, politiek, microbioom.

Born at 318 ppm CO2. Building a better future. Collective housing. Non practicing atheist.
Interests: sql, php, js, htmx, python, audio engineering, International folk dance, photography, live

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Rafael Martin verify
@[email protected]
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I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through social media feeds at dawn looking for an angry fix.

I myself am a (PHP, Python, SQL, Javascript, etc.), retired (atm) musician, who splits his time between & .

Neither a strong man nor a scholar, but always trying to improve in both arenas.

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Web developer for projects for a better world.

This is a work account. Plenty of Drupal, PHP, web community and dev, and projects.
Personal account @ekes

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🔥 FOR HIRE: Your Personal Drupal Coach 🔥


Founder, Instructional Designer, & Trainer at

I teach , , , and foundations.

I regularly drop little Drupal knowledge nuggets -> .

I live in the Spanish countryside where we're restoring an old and try to live a low-footprint, , and self- life.

It's a work in progress.

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Ravi Sambamurthy
@[email protected]

I work as Drupal/Symfony/PHP developer for my dev shop. I post mostly my photos, and occasionally my opinions. Rarely, I engage in technical discussions when I feel compelled.

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Creatieve webdeveloper & tech consultant from The Netherlands | | | Toots are in English

My Dutch account:

: [email protected]

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Symfony Station
@[email protected]

Reuben Walker, Publisher of Symfony Station. Good content creator/admin. Decent designer/frontend developer. Half-ass backend programmer but improving. Will post about PHP and its Symfony Framework. Personally a cross between Billy Butcher and Wednesday Addams.

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xubuntu Technical Lead, xfce Core Developer, linux and advocate. Friend of elementary , gnome , and kde .

Web Developer by trade. php laravel javascript react

Thoughts and opinions are my own, but generally agreeable. Happy to boost small projects!

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The Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) project is a computer desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems with a primary goal of retaining the function and form of traditional desktop computers.

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In the FOSS world, Abivia has a suite of PHP packages both for general use and in Laravel.
Elsewhere, we're a small Canadian web host and have an interest in hosting-related open source solutions.

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@[email protected]

nixos php javascript emacs


Two markup languages and a DSL in a trenchcoat tooting about web dev nonsense and adventures in programming. But also sometimes none of those.

, , accessible web, open hardware, stale Nix user, ouliposting, sometimes contributor to .

Trans rights are human rights. Black lives matter.

Opinions are my own.

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Adrienne 📊
@[email protected]

Data Director for Vet Voice Foundation | Analytics Wizard | Tech Founder & Builder | 🎗️ | 🌈 | | | | | | Views are my own

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Andras Bacsai
@[email protected]

🛠️ Solopreneur ┆ 💜 &


I’m sharing my journey, ups, and downs, project insights, upcoming projects & everything related to , , , , , , , and .

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Stitching together the best technologies to help , and not-for-profits communicate beautifully.


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is a lightweight, stable, PHP-based CMS for creators. A fork of without the block editor (). Stable. Lightweight. Instantly Familiar. Community funded. 501(c)3 non-profit.

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UK based full stack web developer & open source fan, working on @bookstack.
Enjoy hiking around, cats and technology.

Toots about open source maintainership & licensing, cats, PHP, Laravel, and the open web.

Following people only, no company/brand/project accounts.

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I mainly post from @danjones000

Follow me there.

Husband, Father, PHP Developer, sometimes actor, Star Trek fan, aspiring to be lots of things.

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Andy, former owner of SpoilerTV, former Product Expert.

Worked at



Former Professional Player

Owner of DarkUFO (Then largest LOST TV show fan site)

BSc Computer Polytechnic

Now living in

Dabbling in


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Open-source web development tool for PHP and Node.js websites

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Dušan 🇷🇸 arch ⚛️
@[email protected]

Hi there! I'm a software developer from Belgrade, Serbia, mainly dealing with distributed systems. An all-round nerd, minimalist and a tinkerer. I sometimes engage in political commentary. My opinions are my own.
 Besides computing, I'm interested in philosophy of religion, politics, psychology, biology and literature.

php javascript typescript python golang c_language bash

🇷🇸 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🇬🇧 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🇷🇺 ⭐

Proud member of f91w

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SEO since 2003, analytics, cycling infrastructure expert (what a mix, huh?)
Tech speaker
Hobby programmer

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Marco Tomaschett
@[email protected]

Founder of Enteka Design: Design and development for the Web. ubuntu javascript bash git docker kubuntu apple_inc pine64 manjaro archlinux kdenew php thunderbird firefoxnew python react earth_photo

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May the force be with you, RAmen.

Nowadays I mainly write code in Go, but I also write/wrote code in Kotlin, Python, Scala, Groovy, Starlark, VimScript, Bash, C/C++, Java, PHP, and probably others.

He/him, they/them, or vi/vim.

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Josh Pollock 🌱🌵🌲
@[email protected]

PHP, Go, JavaScript developer and Dog Enthusiast from Pittsburgh. I toot about software development and the internet. I do other types of Josh posting @Josh412 and Bluesky

👉 New eBook for WordPress developers: 👀

🌱 he/him 🌵 vegan 🌲

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Dutch geek from Enschede living in London.

Principal Engineer at Wikimedia Foundation, @qunit project lead, jQuery Infra (OpenJSF) @jquery, W3C Web Performance, ♥️ FLOSS.

Creative interests: linguistics, music, photography. Work interests: performance, web standards, UI design, digital privacy and security.

Avatar photo by Niek Hidding.

Formerly at (2019-2022).

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Mirek Długosz 🕸️python🐛
@[email protected]

I do and

I ❤️
I use since 2006 debian
I publish code on github ⬇️

I mostly do and
I ❤️ python
I also work in javascript , rstats , bash and php

I'm formally educated in and

I prefer 📖 longer pieces, and sometimes I publish them on my ⬇️

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enthusiast who programs for fun ( ). I'm super into and , and have insanely large collections for each. I occasionally make things in . I'm also a activist, to a fault really.

Some notable software I've made or co-developed include, but aren't limited to; rsfetch (info fetch program -- essentially a playground for nixinfo), nixinfo (system info lib), and crust (a shell).

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PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development.

Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world.

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Shawn Hooper (he/him)
@[email protected]

Long time web developer. , mainly & . I'm an advocate for an accessible & open web. Also learning more about engineering management, security, and privacy.

I'm a conference speaker, teacher, co-organizer of WordCamp Canada. I'm the Director of Engineering and Security @

I live in , Canada (Unceeded territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation)

Still sometimes do live event sound/lighting, retired Karaoke Host & Wedding DJ.

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Creator of WezTerm. 💓🦀
Ex-Meta (Creator of Watchman and EdenFS).
Ex-Message Systems.
PHP internals alum.
I'm offering Mentoring at

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Panda 🐼 / hamster 🐹 from Argentina, 31, web developer (mostly PHP). I like to sing 🎤 and play the keys 🎹 and the bass guitar. CW: may fav/boost NSFW 🔞

pfp by @Lionrae

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PHP Fox, wrote Clickthulu. Re-writing Clickthulu for the Fediverse. AKA Daemionfox on RedWombat

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@[email protected]





smiled_shiro confused_kyoji smiled_kohaku

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Web dev in PHP/JS as well as Drupal (former) turned manager. Fedora/Silverblue user. I don't post much but when I do it's usually about technology or one of my interests in my introduction.

I personally block Threads so if you talk to me from there I'll never see it.

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programmer by day, sleeping by night.

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BoomerNerd 🇺🇸🛰️🏳️‍🌈💾😺
@[email protected]
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Andrew J. Hamilton
@[email protected]

Web developer by trade, learning game development in 2024.

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Julio J. 🀲
@[email protected]

engineer, & tinkerer, and aficionado

I like and other weird things.

ES 🌎 @j3j5

"Without ALT best I can do is a like"

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Jim Rockford 👾
@[email protected]

Software developer; primarily .NET technologies and classic web stack (php, javascript, mysql, html). I have a strange love of databases and database theory.

Linux and FOSS enthusiast, occasional open source project contributor.

Musician; music school dropout, multi-instrumentalist (brass, guitar). Yes, I was in a ska band in the late 90s, everyone was.

ADHD, neurodivergence, and disability advocate.

Rock music lover.

I play some video games when I have time.

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CTO at Liquid Light, cyclist, beer reviewer & side-projectaholic

I do , , , and lots of stuff in between. I like , and and live on the south coast of the UK.

Holds extreme views on trivial things

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