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Long career as a dilettante at Bell Labs Research and Google, mostly building weird stuff no one uses, but occasionally getting it right, such as with UTF-8 and Go.

Also: tootfinder

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Shoshana 🏳️‍⚧️
@[email protected]

Software engineer (C#, Kotlin, Golang, Java, Rust, Python), I really like housing, bikes, and nice communities 👩🏻‍🦰 ✡️ 🇮🇪 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

Lilah tov moon, lilah tov cow jumping over the moon 🌕 🐄

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Security researcher working on , , , , , , , , , , and stuff. For fun I write , build projects, and in circles.

I am the CEO and co-founder of runZero (@runZeroInc - runzero.com), the first step in security risk management and the best way for organizations to understand their exposure through comprehensive asset inventory.

Previously I was the founder and lead developer of Metasploit, a CSO, a consultant, and the head of various security research teams.

Pronouns are He/Him

Discovery tags:

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nicdex 🇨🇦 🇺🇦
@[email protected]

CTO who writes code at Adaptech Group
Lived In Vancouver, BC
Back in Longueuil, Qc (Oui je suis Québécois)
Proficient in English and French


Full stack developer: JavaScript (node, React), C#, golang and others
I am an expert in CQRS, EventSourcing, EventModeling (DDD, EventStorming)


I like movies, music, travelling
I play guitar

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Golang Weekly
@[email protected]

Articles, projects and tutorials about .

Weekly newsletter: discu.eu/weekly/golang

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Stefanie Jane 🌠
@[email protected]

Nerdy lady who loves tech 💻, music 🎶, and movement 💃. Engineering director + Android sorceress + Roller derby


Past: I created (now )

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Ann Arborite, computerist, cat dad, best on the mountain, my initials are BAD so all my ideas are BAD ideas. . keybase.io/bdimcheff. DM for signal.

also @bdimcheff on a2mi.social for Ann Ann Arboreal things.

were a mistake but I do etc. I like in particular and in general. Have been known to .

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Lars Karlslund verified
@[email protected]

I work freelance doing infosec work for large companies, mostly working to find relevant technical security gaps in their core infrastructure from an "assumed breach" perspective (AD, CS, IAM etc), explaining why they should get it fixed and helping them get things prioritized. If you need help, reach out!

I've been coding Golang for 7 years, primary work has been developing an EDR product and now my Active Directory attack graph tool Adalanche, which is available both as open source and with commercial licenses.

In my spare time I design and build machines - and then try to use them. On that list are multiple 3D printers, a laser cutter and a large CNC machine. I love making stuff and learning new things!

Curious security octopus | Sarcasm level 10 | Fond of LEGO | There will be swearing

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Writing the React, fighting with the application state, designing the GraphQL APIs, cursing the TypeScript errors, learning Golang, migrating the databases, and admiring the amazing content at @codepen

An Aussie living in Gubbi Gubbi country ☀️

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I am interested in:
* (, , , tech leadership, , , , )
* &
* & the next-generation ways of working
* random nonsense (current events, memes, )

Multicultural mongrel: born in Sweden to Finnish parents, former Londoner now in Switzerland. You can @ me in , , & .

Pronouns: he/him.

All Toots expire after 2 months.

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Preslav Rachev
@[email protected]

I co-created @murmel_social and @feedle, because I believe in building tools that foster discourse on the open web.

Knowledge management is my second name. I am a software developer, turned entrepreneur, educator, and writer. Between () and

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@[email protected]

🧙 a magical musical man 🪄

Trying to follow a million bajillion zillion accounts! 0.0

I make music, music tutorials and animations all the time, so stick around if you like what you see. :)

I'm also the guy behind OddNugget.com - an alternative search engine for Gopher and other protocols.

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Timothée Ravier
@[email protected]

CoreOS engineer at Red Hat redhat, Fedora Atomic Desktops maintainer (Silverblue silverblue, Kinoite Kinoite), KDE developer kde and KDE Apps maintainer on Flathub flatpak.

Mostly boosts about linux, rust, golang, androidalt, fedora, redhat, kde, plasma, gnome, k8s, flatpak, Kinoite, silverblue, systemd, security and some French politics.

Searchable via tootfinder (tootfinder.ch/).

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golang neovim android bash bitcoin ethereum fosstodon git ruby python signal ubuntu


There are 10 kinds of people in the world...

I follow easily but unfollow and mute just as easily. No offense

Progressive father and husband, software developer in his 50s

Avatar is the robot Bender from the animated show Futurama, on a background of ones and zeroes.

Profile splash graphic is the cover of the boardgame , a favorite board game of mine.

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Aaron Crowder vim go
@[email protected]

Chief Engineer | Self-taught full-stack dev | Lover of technology | Father of two | I like food | 

He/Him, They/Them, 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ friendly.

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Aaron W | ☕️
@[email protected]

Open Source Engineering + Developer Relations at Microsoft + Azure ☁️ | Go (golang) K8S 🐧 🐍 🦀 ☕ 🍷📷 🎹 | 😷 💉💨 | 🇨🇦🌏🇮🇱

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Jeremy Morgan
@[email protected]

I'm Jeremy, and I help developers get better at what they do.

Geek, Developer, Tech Blogger, and Volunteer Firefighter.

I once held the world record for being the youngest person alive.

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Sophia Brandt vim
@[email protected]

Web developer. I write C# & React () for work. I live in the terminal: , Tmux, Fish Shell. Mother of two. Once a tax officer, but pushing code is more rewarding than pushing paper.
Currently rediscovering my love for Go.

Learning right now.

she/her 🏳️‍🌈

👩‍💻 This is my / account
🎲 I post about tabletop role-playing games on @sbr
esperanto Esperanto account on @sbr

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Staff Software Engineer at , working on the , , and other facing features. Building in , , and (with a soft-spot for ).

Formerly at Clio, Pivotal Labs, Codecademy, Words With Friends & Xbox Games.

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Gnocchi didn't!
@[email protected]

blocks cryptobros.
so the bot knows I'm okay with it: tootfinder.
building: @bivouacwiki

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Proud parent to two incredible little girls. I design and build company databases, interfaces and websites. , , , , , and . 🥑 laravel

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freeformz 🏳️‍🌈
@[email protected]

by day - mostly , , &
(traditional & CNC) & by night

Also , , , , , , , , , , & more

Staff engineer @ Fastly

Formerly: Heroku/Salesforce/Engineyard/Interlix/LearningPatterns/UBS/PaineWebber

I’ve been doing “computer stuff” since the 80’s. East coaster (NY/NJ) in the PNW (PDX Area). Married 25+ years to Latina Phd

Bluesky: @freeformz.me

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James Just James
@[email protected]

devops/golang/mentoring/config mgmt hacker, mgmtconfig architect, and physiologist. hi

formerly AWS, Red Hat, Montreal MNI, McGill University

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@[email protected]

Cybersecurity researcher, , , C/C++, , , you-name-it programmer, evangelist, dad. I wrote a malware analysis course. Feel free to hit me up about Cyber Threat Intel, , , , or anything open-source. Was a contributor in a previous life. One cell of .

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Daniel Martí
@[email protected]

Maintainer at , nerd sniper with .

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Edoardo Vacchi
@[email protected]

Programming Language Nerd, PhD in C.S., WebAssembly Core Engineer at Tetrate.io (wazero.io) — prev: Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat — I write about , , and weird programming languages. Papers We Love Milano coordinator

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Andrea Grandi 🦕
@[email protected]

Software Developer at SuperTab - Python, Go mentor at Exercism - 🏳️‍🌈 🇮🇹 🇪🇺 🤝 🇺🇦

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I'm the Vanessasaurus! • 🦖🥑✨ • github.com/sponsors/vsochvsoch.github.io/about/

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I build things with my mind, like thefinergifs.club. Principal Software Engineer at Compass. Formerly at @Vimeo. Nerdy about , dev, and CLI tools. I also take photos occasionally.

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Lev Lazinskiy 🏳️‍🌈
@[email protected]

I live in San Francisco and love transit, reading, writing, music, journalism, , chess, cooking and eating. I'm dreaming of a world with 1 minute headways 24/7.

Currently hacking in and and helping remove toil from CI/CD at @dagger_io

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Chris Allison
@[email protected]

Chief Data Officer Public Health Agency of Canada | (He/Him)
@ToferC on Twitter

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David Martínez Martí
@[email protected]

Developer or something like that. Or gamer. No idea anymore.

(from , ) living in

Google SRE, Network related (all my opinions are my own)

I use everywhere. if possible. I use it for gaming too.

I love gaming and coding. I am also in favor of Open software and .

10+ years working with , now using at work and at home.

I've used for 8+ years and it's the best database ever. Period.

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Dev, Design, Startups, Creative Tech.
Newcastle, North East England.
Likes pretty pictures, timelapses, LEDs and one-eyed cats.
Code: , and languages less known.

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carlos becker
@[email protected]

Software Developer living in Brazil.

Maintains and many other tools.
Works at @charmcli.
Enjoys lifting weights for no particular reason.
Married to a beautiful wife.
Walks the Golden Retriever every day.

Talks about

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Óscar J. Baeza vm
@[email protected]

Backend engineer (senior developer & playing with and ), early bird fitboxer, old-school podcaster, synesthete & true neutral.

Tech, food, sci-fi, (cosmic) horror, sneakers & low-profile mechanical keyboards.

Also known as OJ.

vm php laravel symfony python xbox nintendo

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Googly Eyed Peas
@[email protected]

Immune compromised Scala/Java/Golang/Rust/Haskell self employed developer, stuck at home because of how mild COVID is. Getting rather pissed off about it. Father of autistic boy. Anti-fascist. See a nazi, punch a nazi. 🌈 I hold the opinion that convicted billionaire fraudsters should go to big-boy prisons and not minimum security country clubs (ok Emma?)

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Yusuf Bouzekri
@[email protected]

I also go by Joseph sometimes.

Web Artisan laravel Gopher golang full-time linux user

Aside from tech stuff: I like board games, genealogy and hiking.

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Matt Saunders
@[email protected]

Infrastructure Engineer, PSM I, PSPO I, SAFe SA, Amateur Radio, LoRa, IoT, Satellite, Raspberry Pi, GoLang. LearnAddict, Unexpected Engineer. Higher Education. Views my own

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Timo Zimmermann
@[email protected]

I build backends, apps and sometimes break them, practice martial arts and enjoy video games. I believe I have seen the whole Internet once, maybe twice.

Tools of choice and
Sometimes musing about and life

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Deekshith Allamaneni
@[email protected]

Software Engineer and maker specializing in Big Data, Android apps, and browser extensions. Passionate about , , , , , , and coding in , , , and . Advocate for , , and . Maintainer of @watomatic . Let’s connect and discuss all things and .

Location: Washington DC, USA

Pixelfed: @dk

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Computer Engineer. Radio Amateur (PU2SPY). I talk about SDR, Raspberry Pi, Machine Learning, Parallel Computing, Satellites, Python, C++, and Golang.

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Serge Matveenko ♻️☮️Ⓐ
@[email protected]

IT pragmatist · FLOSS advocate · Opinions are my own · python rust dartlang golang

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@[email protected]

• Coder in Sydney, Gadigal land
• Bass/Rhythm/Lead guitar
• Bouba in the streets;Kiki in the sheets
• I run a couple of bots.
• I do , currently working with a system and learning at the same time, which is giving me mental whiplash

User image and header are both from the animated series "Gravity Falls" in which a fictional President of the USA issues a bill worth -$12.

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@[email protected]

Economist, Sysadmin, Devops, Golang, Networking Engineer, Linux & MacOS nerd

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Dad. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scottish.
🐍 Pythonista. 🐹 Gopher.

Engineer at Grafana labs working on k6 cloud. Home automation nerd.

Disorganiser of Python Glasgow. Occasional speaker. Less occasional writer.

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Anton Stöckl ✅
@[email protected]

Munich/Bavaria, single dad of 2, he/him

Learning Designer for Software Developers @ MaibornWolff GmbH

Serial blogger and trainer for tech workshops

Domain-Driven Design
Event Sourcing
Hexagonal Architecture - Ports & Adapters
Linux - Manjaro - Gnome

My ride is a Bullitt cargo e-bike

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Markus 🤓✨
@[email protected]

course creator at golang.dk , owner of software consultancy maragu.dk. Also nerd, musician , photographer , glitter enthusiast, and .

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