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Axel Rauschmayer
@[email protected]


Other interests:
– Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin
– Sustainability, degrowth, permaculture, urbanism
– Tiny houses
– Education
– Psychology, getting out of one’s head, heart-centered living
– Minimalist spirituality: Advaita, Daoism, Buddhism, Christian mysticism, J. Krishnamurti, …

I live in Munich. pronoun.is/he

pixelfed Photos: @rauschma
– 💬 Languages: @langtales

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Bethany Brookshire
@[email protected]

Science journalist, podcaster, author. Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains out December 6 from Ecco. Here for the trash pandas.

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Le Portail des médias libres
@[email protected]

Revue de presse quotidienne par l'équipe de Basta! (@bastamedia) qui sélectionne le meilleur de la presse indépendante à partir d’une centaine de sources fiables, toutes indépendantes des grands intérêts commerciaux, industriels et financiers. Avec, des grands dossiers « événement », des articles classés par thématique et une carte des alternatives.

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Stefan Baumgartner
@[email protected]

Developer writing about and . Movie buff. Looking into Lego and alternate vendors. @ddprrt on Twitter, Reddit, GitHub. Not a real parrot. Also not dead.

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Created by @jeffpelton

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Full-stack / / / engineer, CEO of , formerly at Clearscope and Shopify — author and maintainer of the gems , Morphlex, Literal, Quickdraw — cohost the @rooftop podcast.

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Writing the React, fighting with the application state, designing the GraphQL APIs, cursing the TypeScript errors, learning Golang, migrating the databases, and admiring the amazing content at @codepen

An Aussie living in Gubbi Gubbi country ☀️

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Markus Tacker
@[email protected]


❤️‍🔥⌨️ Software crafter. Mentor. Speaker. Conference & Community builder. Camper. 🏕️🚐

Living in Trondheim, Norway 🇳🇴.

Builds cloud for on and other clouds using .

Organizes @codefreeze 🇫🇮❄️⌨️ and @adacon 🇳🇴 🧑‍💻

Pronouns: he/him.

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move slow & fix things

music • photography • poetry • code

🎸 since 1998
👩🏻‍💻 since 2006 (pro since 2012)

aka inkjetski • new single “home to you” out now on bandcamp/apple music/spotify

building: uncut systems
prev: sotheby’s, twitter, spotify, meetup, etc

roles: front-end, back-end, sre, infra, platform, devex, tech lead, consultant

practices: xp, tdd, ddd, pairing, mobbing, t-shaped, xfun teams

languages: ruby, js, ts, go, java, scala, swift, html, css, sql

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Dominik 🚄🌹🌻
@[email protected]

Posts / toots / Tröts / mostly in German.

28, SPD 🌹, , (he/him),
🌄⚡Solargenossenschaftsmitglied 🌄

Themen: Erneuerbare Energien, Klimaschutz, Sozialpolitik, Raketennerd kerbal🚀(mag Elon nicht), Für Spaß zu haben, spreche ungern öffentlich über meine Probleme.
Schaue seit Kindheit Formel1. Guckt keine Videos auf YouTube oder ähnliches.

Spiegel-Leser und ÖRR-Fan. Teile häufig Artikel die ich wichtig finde. 🌻

Mag Gartenteiche und Modelleisenbahn.

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Web developer | Computer engineer | Linux enthusiast | Indie game developer

Mostly code in

Sometimes I or play my

My interests include

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I am interested in:
* (, , , tech leadership, , , , )
* &
* & the next-generation ways of working
* random nonsense (current events, memes, )

Multicultural mongrel: born in Sweden to Finnish parents, former Londoner now in Switzerland. You can @ me in , , & .

Pronouns: he/him.

All Toots expire after 2 months.

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Andrew Feeney
@[email protected]

Software developer in Sydney, Australia.

Works with PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Laravel, Vue, AngularJS, Inertia, Livewire, Vapor

Enjoys TDD, CI, Algorithmic Art, Mathematics, Languages, Music Creation, Coffee

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Pu der Zucker
@[email protected]

Inhabergeführter Traditionsaccount Spiel, Spaß und Folklore.

Tootfinder darf meine Toots finden.

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Builder of httptoolkit.com, Node.js core collaborator, tech speaker, drummer & mountain biker.

🇬🇧/🇨🇦 living in 🇪🇸

(Searchable via Tootfinder)

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Front-end dev dilettante. ½ Japanese. Hawaii born. I have been doing web stuff since late last century. Nowadays, UX & JS. I build the legacy apps of tomorrow.

– MDiv degree. In progress: MA interaction design, MS digital comm analytics.

– Principal software engineer at Microsoft.

– 😍😠 relationship with TypeScript.

– Contributed to O'Reilly book on jQuery years ago. Tech edited a few others.

– Fan of Eleventy. Also into SolidJS & Svelte. Forever chasing an optimal workflow.

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I'm a hacker and mainly post about web security.

By profession, I am a pentester and team leader @usdAG.

I like to explain and understand things and I am convinced that the two go hand in hand.
So my posts are mostly of an educational nature.

Lately, I spend most of my free time developing CVE Crowd. If it is valuable to you, please consider donating using the links below. Thank you very much!


Recent topics:
, , , , , , ,

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Martijn Faassen
@[email protected]

Me grok write code. Rust, Typescript, Python, JavaScript. Created: Morepath, lxml. Also: gardener, science & history fan, living life fan. Husband & father.

I post a lot about programming as well as gardening pictures. If you come for just the gardening pictures the programming talk may baffle you. If you're a programmer, I invite you to enjoy the flowers!

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~Tilde #Gartenzaun
@[email protected]

eine Kumulation aus Unsinnigkeiten

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Software Engineer (he/him)
Rustacean🦀 | Typescriptee | Runner 🏃‍♂️
Easily tempted with food

Supporter of trans_flag 🏳️‍🌈

Really excited about Rust on the web and WebAssembly!

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Pedro Piñera
@[email protected]

I’m Pedro a Spaniard living in , where I moved to in 2015 and the place I consider my home. My passion lays on building with and collaborating with people through in doing so. My most recent focus has been on developer tooling and CLIs, but I’m intrigued about the localization space through my lovely wife. When not coding you can find me running around the city.

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@[email protected]

Software Developer working for the LEGO Group in Billund, Denmark 🇩🇰 🤩

I primarily talk about running and training here. And over at X it’s IT nerdy stuff instead. At least that’s the split for now 😅😇.

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Sophia Brandt vim
@[email protected]

Web developer. I write C# & React () for work. I live in the terminal: , Tmux, Fish Shell. Mother of two. Once a tax officer, but pushing code is more rewarding than pushing paper.
Currently rediscovering my love for Go.

Learning right now.

she/her 🏳️‍🌈

👩‍💻 This is my / account
🎲 I post about tabletop role-playing games on @sbr
esperanto Esperanto account on @sbr

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Heather Cook🖖Autistic Coach
@[email protected]

I'm an and life coach, helping later identified autistics to break free from a lifetime of “shoulds” and NT-norms to make a better life.

, , , she/her, happy

More from me: autismchrysalis.ck.page/4f7d30

Find me at: autismchrysalis.com  
YouTube: youtube.com/@autismchrysalis
Tip jar (no expectations, but always appreciated): autismchrysalis.ck.page/produc

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Łukasz Wójcik 👨‍💻 📷
@[email protected]

Full-stuck devloper (sic!), photography enthusiast, blogger, sometimes translator, overly curious mind.

Also: book author in hiatus. Former teacher. Fan of electronic music.

Friendly introvert. Curious listener. Always hungry, always foolish.

Hailing from (GMT+2 usually)

cishet / he / him


(public toots: CC BY 4.0)

🍉 🇵🇸 🇺🇦

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David Whitney
@[email protected]

Software Consultant. Bestselling Author. Loves rum, alt culture, games & metal. C#, Typescript, OSS, Kotlin... MVP Dev Technologies

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Illi A. Heger
@[email protected]

Grafisches Erzählen, Erklären und Theorie - weiß queer nichtbinär
Graphic Storytelling and Theory - white queer non-binary

alle Tröts mit CW und Bildbeschreibung (manche Boosts ohne CW)
all toots with CW and image description (some boosts without CW)

Bildveröffentlichung nur mit schriftl. Zustimmung
images copyrighted, publish only with written consent

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Koen van Gilst
@[email protected]

Frontend lead @Rabobank ✦ TypeScript, React, Svelte & Phoenix ✦ father of two ✦ philosopher by training

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Mad computer scientist, unfinished project collector, meme enjoyer. Posts mostly tech and memes and tech memes.

Current project: Ludwig, a Lemmy clone in C++ - github.com/ar-nelson/ludwig

Backlog project: Tapir, a single-user Fediverse server - tapir.social

· · · · · · · · · · · (, , ) · / · · ·

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Ralf Lenz, BOFH Emeritus 🏴‍☠️
@[email protected]

Network Engineer - Juniper | Cisco | Fortinet | HPE | And more...
Systems/Hosting - VMWare | Proxmox VE | OpenStack | And more...
Development - PHP | Python | JS/TS | Frontend Techs | ANSI C | C++ | And more...
Management - D-level | PM | Department Head | Dev Teams | And more...
Strategy - InfoSec | Product Roadmap | And more...

US Citizen | PH Resident (13a) | RemoteOnly

CV: jrlenz.com/files/cv-2023-12.pd

Other account (maybe more active now): @ralf

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Epsiba Psicología
@[email protected]

Soy Esther, mamá de Aiden, compañera de vida de Claudiu y psicóloga en EpsibaPsicología.
Me encanta investigar, reflexionar y debatir.

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Hey folks, I'm Davy (he/him), a senior software engineer | hacker | maker | thinker 🛠️.

These days, I'm mostly doing some 🦀 and .

I ♥️ to learn on a daily basis, to face new challenges and to contribute to .

I'm a and user.


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Matti Järvinen
@[email protected]

Professional web programmer since 2002. BSc(Eng) Software Engineering.

SW Developer at gofore.com



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Dev (mostly Typescript) & Continuous learner.

Neurodivergent, Straight but not narrow.

Latest hyperfixation: 3D printing

Author at Apress, tech lead at Microsoft, ex-Google.

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Computer Graphics & Programming Languages person.

I twoot about languages like C, C++, Rust, JS/TS, and OCaml.

I organize two online meetups: @graphicsmeetup and Programming Languages Virtual Meetup


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Permanent stress and occasional programming is my comfort zone.

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Part time nerd 🤓

Handgemachte Qualitätströts seit 2022

Toots in German and sometimes English

Toots will be automatically deleted after 6 months (if automated deletion works 🙄 )

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• 💻 Freelance full-stack tech lead, developer, coach and software architect.
• 🛠 Expertise with PHP/Symfony, JS/Typescript, Svelte, Docker, Rust, and many other tools.
• 🧹 Legacy application renovator.
• 🕊️ Free Open Source advocate.
• Speaking 🇫🇷 and 🇬🇧
• ⏲ 10+ years of dev experience
• ✊ Woke leftist (words can change depending on far-righters' way to call us)
• 🌈

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Lev Lazinskiy 🏳️‍🌈
@[email protected]

I live in San Francisco and love transit, reading, writing, music, journalism, , chess, cooking and eating. I'm dreaming of a world with 1 minute headways 24/7.

Currently hacking in and and helping remove toil from CI/CD at @dagger_io

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Kevin Highwater
@[email protected]

I'm a professional yak barber, code butcher, and occasional engineer in San Francisco. Recently been doing a lot of ruby, typescript, and AWS-ish stuff, mostly for tiny startups. Currently at a stealth startup.

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Tech geek, polyglot coder, old-school agilista ex , interested in tackling the climate crisis, being a good intersectional ally, and coping as a parent.
Like to tinker in and others.
Pronouns he/him
Aussie living in UK
All opinions and comments are my own.

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youtube.com/ChangeNode <- tech and economics

tl;dr version: Bay area in the late 90s (Apple & Symantec Java). Consulting from 2000-2016, including co-founding Dev9 (Java, CI/CD, 2010-2016). Video games (Unity, 2017-2020). Java, web (TypeScript/SvelteKit), mobile (SvelteKit/Capacitor/Tauri) in 2021.

Greater Seattle Metro (Kirkland)


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Johannes Brodwall
@[email protected]

Builds software to keep you safe. Teaches programming students. Speaks up about injustice. He/him

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洪 民憙 (Hong Minhee)
@[email protected]

An intersectionalist, feminist, and socialist guy living in Seoul (UTC+09:00). Who's behind @fedify and @hollo. Write some free software in , , , & . They/them.


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Codex ☯️♈☮
@[email protected]

Hello Fediverse! I'm Chris and I'm a gamer, painter, programmer, occasional shaman, and til I die!


Boost early, boost often I say, if it looks interesting!

Unengaging posts are auto-deleted after 3 months.

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Stuart Herbert
@[email protected]
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Ado (ādō, he/him)

Linux, Python, Typescript, Furry, Metal, Electronic, Classical Vocal

This account doesn't post/boost NSFW content.

Find me on other platforms:

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* leftist,
anti-fascist pessimist

* senior “Web Engineer”
(mostly TypeScript dev)

* Web Platform, PWA & WebComponents fanboy (a free Web can do more good if it is capable, this includes treating PWAs like first-class citizens in an application environment, i.e. sadly the opposite of Mozilla’s vision for the web)

* dabbling in (sane) IoT & embedded C++

* interested in everything

* ask me stuff!

* he/him

🌹🏳️‍🌈⬆️ antifa

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